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Q1 2024 Private Briefing Out Now: Request Your Confidential Copy

A new IMI Private Briefing is out now. If you are an IMI Pro or IMI Executive member, you can find your password-protected PDF in the IMI Pro Members Lounge now.

Remember: You must request the password separately from the editor, and you must adhere to the three cardinal rules of IMI Private Briefings:

  1. You are free to act on the information obtained in our Private Briefings but not to publicly disseminate it.
  2. While IMI will not name you as a source in the Private Briefings, you may not be anonymous vis-à-vis IMI.
  3. You may not disclose that IMI’s Private Briefings were the source of the sensitive information.

Topics (broadly described so as not to give anything away) in this edition include:

  • Questionable practices and apparently bogus contracts related to residency in Portugal
  • The CBI country that’s surreptitiously revoking citizenships at an accelerated rate
  • Behind the scenes at Egypt’s CIU
  • Extreme delays and broken promises from one Caribbean CIU
  • Insider details on the Caribbean price-floor agreement

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