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New Q2 2023 Private Briefing Available Now: Request Your Confidential Copy

The IMI Private Briefing covering Q2 2023 is out now. If you are an IMI Pro or IMI Executive member, you can find your password-protected PDF in the IMI Pro Members Lounge now.

Remember: You must request the password separately from the editor.

The Q2 2023 IMI Private Briefing is heavily Caribbean-centric due to a number of significant recent events in that region.

Topics (broadly described so as not to give anything away) in this edition include:

  • The strange circumstances under which Saint Kitts & Nevis unexpectedly reformed its CIP to meet “EU demands” and the extent to which other programs in the region will play along;
  • New details about the purported real reasons behind the recent sanctioning of a well-known industry firm;
  • The agents charging non-existent government fees for the EU’s new too-good-to-be-true golden visa “program”;
  • Why the UK singled out Dominica when cutting visa-free access while leaving the rest of the Caribbean programs unscathed;
  • Ongoing stalling and egregious delays in processing among several Caribbean CIPs.

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