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New Zealand’s Two Investor Visas Pass US$4 Billion Total Investment Milestone in 2019

Overall, New Zealand approved 77 category 1 and 168 category 2 applications in the fiscal year 2018-19. Since opening in 2008, the two investor visa categories have raised a combined NZ$6.07 billion (US$4.1 billion).

Taken together, the two tracks saw a slight decline in revenue on the previous year, raising investments worth NZ$1.27 billion compared to NZ$1.29 in 2017-18 but, taken separately, the program’s two categories show wide divergence in terms of performance. Owing to its doubling in price last year, approvals for category 2 are down a drastic 35%, but the more expensive category 1 is up by 48%.

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Chinese nationals remain the principal applicant constituency, accounting for a cumulative 65% of approved applications (and 70% of those declined) among the two categories. Americans, meanwhile, have received 7% of investor visas to date, while British and Japanese have taken possession of 5.3% and 2.6% of visas, respectively.

New Zealand’s investor visas remain among the world’s most restrictive as it continues to reject about a third of all applicants. During the last 12 months, authorities declined the applications of 22% of category 1 investors and 35% of those in category 2, thereby foregoing a potential NZ$490 million worth of investments.

But rejection rates vary widely among nationalities too; while only 17% of Indonesians and 18% of Singaporeans saw their applications turned down, 41% of South Africans and 38% of Malaysians met the same disappointment.

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