Contribute Articles to IMI

IMI is a community effort.

As the #1 magazine for the investment migration industry (online or offline), we frequently publish articles contributed by investment migration professionals, as well as laymen. In particular, we receive a lot of contributions to our Opinions section.

If you’d like to contribute an article to IMI, here’s how to proceed:

Article contribution guidelines

  1. Send in your topic idea before you start writing. Following this simple rule can save you a lot of time and effort. We often receive already-written articles that are not well-suited for IMI. The topic may not be germane, or we may already have covered it extensively. Check with the editor first by emailing him at
  2. Articles should not contain promotional material such as contact details, company logos, sales pitches, and so on. You will be cited as the author and you can link to a URL of your choosing, but only once per article. Should you wish to share commercial content, consider a sponsored feature.
  3. We don’t accept contributions from anonymous authors and we generally don’t accept anonymous quotes (with a few exceptions), especially if they are potentially defamatory. The editor of IMI is responsible for its content; in the absence of a natural person as the author of an opinion piece, the editor – by extension – becomes responsible for any false claims made in the article. The editor of IMI does not want that.
  4. Articles should be of interest to a professional audience. IMI is a by-the-industry-for-the-industry publication and, consequently, our readers are not laymen. The practical implication of that is that you should compose the content with a knowledgeable audience in mind. “10 Reasons Cyprus is a Great Place to Live” won’t cut it; attempt, instead, to tackle a higher-level subject that you think would be of interest to experienced RCBI-practitioners. Consider whether your topic is already covered on IMI and, if it is, whether you can offer a novel take on it that adds value to the existing literature. If you can’t, pick a different topic.
  5. We only accept original content. Have you published your article elsewhere online? If so, we cannot publish it on IMI. This is because publishing non-original content can harm our search-engine rankings (as well as yours).

The Essential IMI Style Guide

  • Punctuation: We use the Oxford comma.
  • Latin/French/other foreign language terms that a non-negligible segment of readers will be unfamiliar with should be italicized (i.e., non sequitur/raison d’être/schadenfreude);
  • Please limit paragraphs to 2-4 sentences;
  • Avoid passive voice syntax unless its avoidance renders a sentence unnecessarily cumbersome;
  • Try to avoid trite and familiar turns of phrase, metaphors, and similes when you can.
  • Spell out numbers that are pronounceable in a single syllable and write the rest numerically, i.e., “one, two, three, […], nine, ten” and “11, 50,439, and 13,000”. For numbers exceeding one million (or 1m), revert to spelling out.
  • Write in either American or British English; not in both. You are, in other words, welcome to spell color with a U as long as you don’t subsequently spell standardized with a Z.
  • Abbreviations: Spell the phrase out in full the first time you mention it, appending the abbreviation within parentheses immediately afterwards: (“…conducted a background verification report (BVR) on the applicants…”). Dispense with the full phrase and simply apply the abbreviation to all subsequent mentions of the term.
  • Use your own judgment and break any of the above rules if called for. “Rules are for the guidance of wise men and the obedience of fools,” said Douglas Bader.

Don’t worry if you don’t get it all right. We’ll conduct quality control in any case.


Christian Henrik Nesheim