250K Freehold Investment Greek Golden Visa eligible; 5% Guaranteed Returns!

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250K Student Accomodation Investment in Patra, a Mediterranean Paradise!

General Information: Greek Golden Visa Real Estate

In the heart of scenic coastal charm lies this project, a groundbreaking standard in purpose-built student accommodation. Nestled by the beach, this haven offers more than just a place to stay—it’s a comprehensive lifestyle designed to elevate any student experience.

Imagine a hassle-free fee schedule that encompasses all your needs—an “all-in” basis that includes fully furnished individual studios. Each studio comes complete with its private bathroom, kitchen, and terrace, ensuring your personal space is yours alone to unwind and thrive in.

But that’s just the beginning. This Real Estate project isn’t just about accommodation; it’s a haven crafted to cater to every need. Say goodbye to connectivity issues with seamless WiFi access. Delight in entertainment with flat-screen televisions. Students will be able to embrance wellness with an on-site gym and bid adieu to laundry woes with a convenient laundry room.

The accomodation also boasts dedicated study rooms, creating an environment conducive to academic focus. But it’s not all work and no play—abundant social spaces, including lounges, a rooftop terrace with breathtaking views, a cinema room for entertainment, and meticulously landscaped gardens await, fostering connections and unforgettable moments.

The allure of the investment isn’t solely its offerings; it’s a lifestyle. It’s the embodiment of a holistic student living experience that combines comfort, convenience, and community, all within a stunning coastal setting.

Greek Golden Visa Investment

The project offers 56 individual studio apartments, each uniquely crafted to cater to the diverse preferences of students. A selection of these apartments features private terraces, adding an extra touch of personal space and outdoor charm. Meticulously designed with modern students in mind, these studios offer a versatile environment—an ideal blend of living, working, and studying within the same cozy confines. Furthermore, every studio apartment arrives fully furnished, ensuring a seamless move-in experience for our residents.

With a minimum investment of €250,000, this opportunity qualifies for the Greek Golden Visa program, making it an attractive option for those seeking residency in Greece. Beyond financial benefits, this investment offers a unique advantage of reuniting three generations of a family under one prosperous investment umbrella.

This Freehold Investment will be fully managed with a15 year operator lease and offers the following scheme of returns:

  • Years 1-5 : 5% rental fix (net of expenses, but before investor own income taxes)
  • Years 6-15: market (actual) returns
  • Lease renews after 15 years with same or different operator

This is a one of a kind opportunity in Greece, with a top-tier developer and passive returns.

The Developer

 The developer stands as a specialized lender, and investor, primarily recognized for its historical involvement in the thriving UK real estate market. With a strong foothold in various sectors such as student accommodation, assisted living, and hospitality, the developer has recently ventured into the burgeoning realms of co-working and co-living spaces.

Leveraging its extensive expertise in these niche sectors, they are actively pursuing expansion and investment opportunities across European real estate markets.

Moreover, this developer continues to engage in bridge lending transactions, strategically identifying opportunities where the underlying borrower asset aligns synergistically within their overarching asset portfolio. This strategic approach emphasizes the company’s commitment to seeking mutually beneficial collaborations while enhancing the overall strength of its investment ventures.

The Location

Nestled within the vibrant City of Patra, Greece, this investment opportunity holds a prime location in a bustling urban landscape. Patra stands as the country’s third-largest city, renowned for its dynamic atmosphere and cultural richness. Boasting a significant population of 35,000 students, the city is a hub of academic excellence, fostering a vibrant and diverse community that adds a unique flair to its charm.

  • Listing ID: 83200
  • Enables residence and/or citizenship in:: Greece
  • Enables owner's visa-free travel to:: EU/Schengen, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore
  • Price range: US$250,000 - US$500,000
  • Ownership type: Freehold
  • Minimum holding period to maintain residence/citizenship status: More than 5 years
  • Construction status: Pre-construction
  • Property type: Hotel rooms/shares
  • Income-generating property: Yes
  • Annual maintenance costs borne by the buyer: Yes
  • No. of rooms: More than five
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