Mobility Standard #5 – Citizens of Bitcoin, Ancestry-Based Citizenship, and Sovereign Individuals

Our guest this week is Yuri Lau, a Dutch national who has been living in Argentina for the last 16 years and who is now working on investment migration solutions tailored for crypto-investors through the company he co-founded; Citizens of Bitcoin.

We spoke to Yuri about Citizens of Bitcoin and how he aims to tailor mobility packages specifically suited to crypto-investors. We also discussed how the increasingly large share of global assets that are non-tangible and geographically non-fixed opens up opportunities for sovereign individuals to bargain with states and to make countries compete for them.

Ahmad Abbas brought up a potential new incentive scheme for high-performing employees of multinationals: Company sponsorship of CBI applications through the bond investment options of the Caribbean. We explored the feasibility of such solutions and how they would work in practice.

Citizenship by descent solutions is becoming an increasingly recognized – and utilized – avenue to enhanced freedom of travel and settlement. We ask: Why is that market only now getting so much attention and does it represent a threat or an opportunity to investment migration?

Finally, Rogelio suggests DNA test-kit companies, like 23andMe, should become RCBI-introducers by informing their users, whenever European ancestry is discovered during analysis, that they may qualify for citizenship in the EU.

All of that, and a great deal more, in today’s episode of the Mobility Standard.


  • 06:30 – Citizens of Bitcoin
  • 08:10 – The virtualization of assets and how it enables sovereign individuals
  • 13:00 – The complementarities of monetary and physical mobility
  • 14:20 – Competition between states for the best citizens and free individuals bargaining with states
  • 19:00 – Citizenship as employee performance bonus: Companies sponsoring CBI applications through the bond route
  • 26:05 – Tailoring investment migration to crypto-investors; What are their pain points?
  • 29:00 – Citizenship by descent/ancestry: Why is this market only now growing quickly and is it a threat or an opportunity for the investment migration industry?
  • 37:45 – Rogelio gives away his best business ideas for free.

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