A History of Citizenship by Investment – Infographic

From Saint Kitts & Nevis in 1984 to Jordan, Moldova, and Montenegro in 2018; we’ve made a step-by-step guide to the history of citizenship by investment programs.

The infographic, originally published in June 2017, has been updated to reflect the new citizenship by investment programs in Moldova, Montenegro, and Jordan.

We’ve also expanded it to include historical economic citizenship programs that no longer exist, such as the Irish Economic Citizenship Programme which existed between 1988 and 1998 (although according to some historical accounts it may have existed in some form already since 1984), as well as the Belize Economic Citizenship Investment Programme, which opened in 1985 and was suspended in 2002.

The infographic includes only formal citizenship by investment programs; countries that have legal provisions allowing the acquisition of citizenship through vaguely defined criteria of “exceptional contribution” or “special interest” and so on – such as Austria, Cambodia, or Cape Verde – but do not have standardized requirements and procedures, have not been defined as CIPs.

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