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Several Successful Cases of Citizenships for Bitcoin Already, Says Vanuatu Information Centre Boss Harris

During an exclusive interview with Investment Migration Insider, head of the Vanuatu Information Centre, James Harris, revealed three separate pieces of major news: One, the price of the Vanuatu Development and Support Programme (the DSP, effectively a CIP) has been reduced. Two, his office has already successfully processed several cases of citizenship by investment in Vanuatu with applicants paying in Bitcoin. Three, Vanuatu’s citizenship program is getting a real estate investment option. 

“We’ve started to see actual traction with crypto-payments. We have, ourselves, now processed, not a lot, but a sufficient number for us to be confident that our processes work,” Harris said about his work to make citizenship by investment in Vanuatu available to applicants who don’t want to use fiat currency to invest.

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Harris also went on to explain, step-by-step, the process by which investment conducted in bitcoin are facilitated.

He also revealed that the price for a single applicant was now offered at US$210,000 for a single applicant, as well as US$240,000 for a family of four. Previously, the Vanuatu DSP offered only a family price of US$280,000.

“The pricing issue with Vanuatu has been a dominant issue,” Harris admitted and pointed out that it was one that had yet to be fully resolved, with further reductions possibly upcoming.

Asked about Vanuatu’s long-rumored real estate option, the VIC’s managing director shared news of an upcoming luxury development, slated for government approval in May.

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“With the 160 square meter units, we’re coming in at a price point of about US$900,000 […] recognizing that this price on its own is quite prohibitive in some circumstances, we have also elected to create a joint ownership program where with a one-quarter shares in property at a pricing point of about US$350,000.”

To hear all the details, watch the six-minute interview with James Harris below.

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