Con Artists Swindle Thousands in Istanbul for Fake Montenegro Passports

“They were asking people to pay between 7,000 and 12,000 euros for this so-called Montenegrin citizenship,” said Akkan Suver, Montenegro’s honorary consul general to Istanbul, according to Daily Sabah. He explained that the fraudsters had opened a consulting agency office near the official consulate building on the European side of Istanbul, as well as a variety

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Alleged Scam Company Announces €25,000 Citizenship by Investment in Georgia, a company Citizenship and Passport Review has long accused of being a “100% confirmed scam and fraud”, has announced a new Georgian Citizenship by Investment program, available from €25,0000, in a press release. “The cost of second citizenship and a new passport can vary from several hundred thousand dollars for Caribbean citizenship to several

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Citizenship and Passport Review (, a website managed by an anonymous group claiming to be scam victims and former clients of what they say are certain fraudulent companies in the citizenship and residence by investment industry, recently opened a website dedicated to investigating, naming and shaming malefactors, and to help steer prospective investor immigrants toward

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