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Every Question You Could Possibly Have About the Grenada/E2 Solution – Answered

The Grenada citizenship by investment and E2 visa route to residency in the United States is quickly becoming one of the most popular investment migration program combinations in the market, allowing investors and their families to not only become citizens of a first-rate Caribbean country but also to live and work in the United States long-term, all for a total investment roughly equal to that of the US EB-5 program and, crucially, in a matter of months rather than years.

In this panel, we’ve brought together representatives from each step on the way to a new citizenship in Grenada and a residency permit in the United States:

  • Developer Mohammed Asaria of Range Developments, representing the first step; investing in Grenada.
  • Accredited local agent and lawyer Margaret Wilkinson of Infinity Grenada, representing the second step; applying for and obtaining citizenship in Grenada.
  • Bob Kraft and Jennifer Sherer of FirstPathway Partners, representing the third step; investing in an E-2 qualifying business in the United States (the Teriyaki Madness franchise).
  • Angie Rupert of Rupert Law Group, representing the fourth and final step; applying for and obtaining an E2 visa in the United States for yourself and your family.

As Angie herself remarks in the video: “For someone whose goal is to get to the United States but is from a non-treaty country, this is your crew. From the time you get the idea until the time you are running a business in the United States, this is it!”

To save the viewer time, the video itself contains a dynamic table of contents, allowing you to skip directly to the parts of the discussion that most interest you.

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Topics covered in the discussion include (but are certainly not limited to):

  • 01:21 Investing in Grenada (costs and benefits)
  • 03:37: Obtaining citizenship in Grenada (timelines, requirements)
  • 06:18 Getting started on your E2 application (how to save time by preparing in advance)
  • 09:41: How to qualify as an E2 investor
  • 10:50 How to find the right E2-qualifying business to invest in
  • 13:33 What are the main differences between EB-5 and E2? (different timelines, different tax levels)
  • 18:28: How involved do you need to be in your E2 business?
  • 26:37: Why invest in, rather than donate to, Grenada 
  • 27:48: How to pick a good E2 investment (don’t do it alone)
  • 30:45 Why are franchises like Teriyaki Madness a recommended type of E2 business?
  • 35:16: Which of your family members can you include in your Grenada application?
  • 37: 14: Which of your family members can you include in your E2 applications?
  • 40:30: What are the tax implications of getting an E2 visa?
  • 49:35: With an E2 visa, can you work in the United States on jobs unrelated to your investment?
  • 51:32: Why not all E2 treaty countries have the same advantages
  • 54:02: How come Grenada is an E2 Treaty Country? 

We’re confident you’ll find answers to virtually any question you could have about this unique solution within this wide-ranging discussion. And even if you don’t the panelists invite you to get in touch with them directly via the contact information listed in the video.

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Christian Henrik Nesheim is the founder and editor of Investment Migration Insider, the #1 magazine – online or offline – for residency and citizenship by investment. He is an internationally recognized expert, speaker, documentary producer, and writer on the subject of investment migration, whose work is cited in the Economist, Bloomberg, Fortune, Forbes, Newsweek, and Business Insider. Norwegian by birth, Christian has spent the last 16 years in the United States, China, Spain, and Portugal.

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