Podcast – Nomad Capitalist’s Andrew Henderson: “My Advice is to Not Offer Free Consultations”

Our guest on the Mobility Standard podcast this week is Andrew Henderson, founder of Nomad Capitalist.

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In under a decade, Andrew has built the world’s most recognizable brand in the “global citizenship” space. The firm, which now has more than 50 employees, helps hundreds of clients each year to design and implement a global diversification strategy that includes not only residence and citizenship by investment but also tax optimization and wealth protection.

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We spoke to Andrew about:

  • Growing up in Ohio, starting a business at a young age, and becoming disillusioned over the erosion of freedoms and confiscatory levels of taxation.
  • The communication errors the investment migration practitioners are committing, and how it affects their relations with the powers that be.
  • What he thinks are the reasons he has a social media following that’s an order of magnitude greater than any other brand in RCBI.
  • Why he rejects the vast majority of prospective clients and why he thinks free consultations are not helpful for industry practitioners or clients.
  • What personal characteristics he shares – and does not share – with Donald Trump.
  • Why he maintains permanent homes in six different countries on three different continents, why he picked those destinations to begin with, and where he’s looking at for his next home.
  • Which solutions for low-tax living in high-tax EU countries he thinks are the best.

If you’d like to meet Andrew Henderson in person, you’ll have the chance during IMI Connect Istanbul on Nov 2-4, where Andrew will be participating and speaking.

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