Podcast: “99% Chance” Italy’s Dolce Visa Will Get a Real Estate Option in March

Our guest this week on the Mobility Standard podcast was Madalena Monteiro of Magwind. She came to talk about the Italian “Dolce Visa”, one of Europe’s remaining golden visa programs.

We spoke to Madalena about:

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  • What happened in Portugal last week, and whether the Italian investor visa stands to benefit;
  • Why the Dolce Visa has a “99% chance” of getting a real estate investment option in the next few months;
  • Why so few investment migration companies have historically marketed the program, and why that is about to change;
  • How the upcoming bill in the Italian senate would make the program far more attractive;
  • What the drawbacks of the Italian program are;
  • How to be a tax resident in Italy but still pay a low tax rate through Italy’s three special tax regimes;
  • How the Italian government is taking its EU competitors into account when improving their own golden visa program;
  • How Italy’s EUR 250,000 investment option doesn’t actually have to be that risky;
  • Why the program remains open to Russians;
  • And innumerable other topics.

Listen to the episode with the player below or find us on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and most other podcast platforms by searching for “IMI Podcasts”.