The Portugal Golden Visa Investment Fund Page in IMI: Make Sure Your Fund is Correctly Listed

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As the investment migration industry hub for data, IMI is home to a number of comprehensive, aggregated lists and overviews, the components of which are usually publicly available already, just not all in the same place.

Our goal is to put them all in one place, making it easy for professionals and investors alike to quickly find accurate information and make informed comparisons.

To that end, we maintain lists and databases such as:

It is therefore only natural that we today, following a period of data collection, should be able to inaugurate the Portugal Golden Visa Investment Fund page, where you can find the pertinent details of 26 CMVM-approved, Portugal Golden Visa-suitable investment funds, along with statistics and further information on this asset class, all on a single page.

Keep in mind that, while we’ve presented the details of each fund to the best of our knowledge, we cannot guarantee accuracy or completeness. We encourage readers who find flaws in our data to reach out directly:

Is your golden visa fund not listed? Please email us with your fund’s details and we’ll get it listed right away.

Explore our Portugal Golden Visa Funds page here

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