IMI Articles Now Available in Audio: Download or Stream Our Best Articles on The Go

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Starting today, you can stream or download IMI’s Editor’s Picks articles in MP3-format, enabling you to listen to our best articles when you’re on the move, whether in your car during your morning commute, while walking your dog, or if you’d simply like to fall asleep listening to the deep and soothing voice of our professional narrator, Matthew Coles.

Try it out for yourself by listening to the selected episodes below:

Investment Migration in the Post Visa-Free Travel World

A Brief Guide for Foreign Investment Migration Firms Entering the Chinese Market

Where Will Investment Migration Be When the Virus-Dust Settles?

The 9-Passport Combo That Gives You Worldwide Visa-Free Travel

Since professional voice-over recording isn’t free, full access to this feature will initially be available only to IMI Club members, who can find all our audio episodes in the IMI Club Members’ Lounge.

However, non-members will also have free access to at least one weekly audio-story, with links to these at the beginning of the corresponding article.

If you find our work at IMI helpful, please consider joining IMI Club to help us keep producing high-quality, timely content for investment migration professionals and to rely less on advertising revenue.

For only EUR 9.99 a month, IMI Club members enjoy:

  • Unlimited access to articles and data;
  • Complete access to our iPhone and Android apps;
  • Unlimited access to all our audio versions.

In the months ahead, we will keep adding new members-only products, intel, and features to the IMI Club Members’ Lounge.

Join IMI Club today.

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