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Are COVID-Related Travel Bans Taking on a Life of Their Own? IM People in the News This Week

Investment migration people in the news this week include:

  • Pantelis Leptos of Leptos Group
  • César Garzón
  • Marc Pritchard of Taylor Wimpey España
  • Mark Davies of Davies & Associates
  • Sam Silverman of EB-5 Affiliate Network
  • James Hartshorn of Bartra Wealth Advisors
  • David Lesperance of Lesperance & Associates
  • Scott Moore of Henley & Partners

Hubbis: Investment Migration Can Overcome Gaps in Global Mobility and Resourcing

Scott Moore of Henley & Partners hypothesizes, in this article for Hubbis, that travel restrictions introduced because of COVID may be undergoing mission creep; they’re conveniently keeping travelers from the global south away.

![…] the global north has for some time enforced harsh migration containment strategies through rigid border controls and suggests that the Covid-19 travel restrictions initially introduced to manage the pandemic have become useful migration containment instruments that could continue to be used as a method to curb visitors from the global south.”

The Express: Golden visas: Which countries offer the best opportunities to British expats after Brexit

Pantelis Leptos, deputy president of Leptos group of companies, also recommended Greece’s golden visa scheme.

He told “The strong range of incentives, healthy outlook for the Greek real estate market, the exceptional lifestyle on offer and the Government’s success at combatting COVID-19 will be a real draw across the globe.

“The success of the Golden Visa Program has demonstrated there is a real appetite for Greek property, drawing approximately 10,000 investors to date and the new programmes will complement the existing offering.”


César Garzón, a Spanish lawyer, told “British families with a golden visa are no longer trapped by the restrictions placed on tourist visas.

“They can spend as much time in Spain as they wish. Or as little, as they only need to visit Spain once per calendar year. There is no obligation to spend more than six months in Spain, so they can avoid being taxed as Spanish residents if they prefer.”

Mark Pritchard, Sales and Marketing director of Taylor Wimpey España, said: “Those with a golden visa can enjoy unrestricted access to Spain for as many days per year as they wish, just as they did prior to Brexit.” 

India Today: Reasons why EB-5 visa is the best route for students who want to study abroad

Mark Davies, Chairman of Davies and Associates, writes in an article for India Today that, for those who can afford it, the EB-5 visa is a viable option for students who wish to remain in the US after college.

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Yahoo News: Direct EB-5 Capital: A Valuable Opportunity for Business Leaders

Sam Silverman of EB-5 Affiliate Network pens an op-ed for Yahoo News in which he argues that overseas business owners should “act now to take advantage of the valuable opportunity to source direct EB-5 capital: USCIS has already filed an appeal against the court ruling that lowered the investment requirement, and the regional center program may be reauthorized in the coming months.”

Sunday Times: Bartra tempts Asian millionaires with nursing homes

“Many high net worth clients in Asia would like to immigrate to Ireland,” said James Hartshorn, Chief Executive of Bartra Wealth Advisors, which is backed by the Irish property developer Richard Barrett.

The immigrant investor programme offers “great flexibility on residing requirements as applicants can immigrate without relocating,” Hartshorn added.

The Street: Cryptocurrency Price Check: Bitcoin Up; Amazon Deeper Into Crypto

David Lesperance, managing partner of immigration and tax adviser Lesperance & Associates, stressed the importance of security.

He said the idea of DeFi, or decentralized finance, “as a silver bullet” to counter China’s crypto crackdown or the expected regulatory tsunami took a hit recently: Hackers stole $130 million of cryptocurrency assets from the DeFi platform Cream Finance.

“So now, choosing the right DeFi platform can be added along with which exchange; which cryptocurrency; and whether to buy, sell or hold to the list of mission-critical decisions that a crypto-enthusiast must get right to be successful,” Lesperance said.

Major players in crypto are adding qualified advisers on tax, regulation, platform viability and cryptocurrencies to their teams, he added.

Success “requires that there not be a poor decision on any of these facets of investment,” he said.

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