How to Reach Nearly 30,000 Investment Migration Agents and Clients on a Budget

If you’re a regular IMI reader, chances are you own or work in an investment migration advisory, a CBI-property developer, or some other company related to residence and citizenship by investment. And that means your livelihood depends on finding clients and forging relationships with the agents who can provide them.

The question is, what’s the most cost-efficient way of doing that?

The conventional way of finding agents and clients

How much did your firm spend last year on

  • Conferences?
  • Road-shows in China, Vietnam, and India?
  • One-page ads in printed magazines with unknown reader numbers?
  • Getting PR news sites to publish your press releases?
  • Google AdWords and Facebook marketing?

How many people did you reach?

The typical conference has a few hundred attendees; the hardcopy magazines a few thousand prints (and how many actually read them?); roadshows can be productive, but they cost a lot of time, energy, and money. The keyword marketing campaigns got you plenty of clicks, but how much in actual sales?

If you’re a medium-sized company, you probably spent a six-figure amount on traditional marketing tactics. And maybe that six-figure investment helped bring in seven-figure sales revenues.


The cost-efficient, smart way to find agents and clients

This Google Analytics map shows the cities in which the readers of IMI’s English version are based but doesn’t show the vast majority of our China-based readers because they read IMI on WeChat rather than in a browser.

Look at where IMI’s readers are located; London, Dubai, the Caribbean, New York, Quebec, Southeast Asia, Portugal. What do these locations have in common? They are the world’s hubs for investment migration.

IMI has an ultra-targeted audience. Our readers are not simply people interested in “investment” or “immigration” or “how to get a visa for Schengen”. Our readers are specifically interested in investment migration, which, in turn, is a very specific topic. And for those specifically interested in investment migration, IMI is the only natural place to go for information.

29,002 individuals read IMI in July. To how many agents can you introduce your services at a conference? It’s hard to say exactly how many, but it most certainly is nowhere near 30,000.

Together, those 29,002 individuals visited more than 108,000 pages on IMI. How many conversations can you have with the agents you meet at a roadshow? Again, it’s tough to pinpoint, but it’s nowhere near 108,000.

IMI has more than 17,000 subscribers and followers across a wide variety of platforms – email, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, push-notifications, and iOS/Android apps.

Nearly 4,000 of our subscribers read IMI in Chinese on our WeChat page.

Both the number of unique visitors and the number of page views have grown by an average of more than 10% per month since we started in 2017. Our subscriber and follower numbers have grown by an average of some 6% per month.

Since the growth curve shows no signs of slowing down, we can extrapolate future readership numbers to demonstrate the value of getting a long-term promotional agreement today, while prices are still relatively low.

Applying the compound monthly growth rates outlined above, by this date next year IMI will have 32,737 subscribers and followers, 94,990 unique monthly users, and 358,908 monthly pageviews. These are not pie-in-the-sky, overly optimistic estimates. The trend is based on steady performance over the last 25 months.

How to pay less than 10 cents per person you reach with your message

Sponsored features with IMI are one of the most cost-efficient ways to reach agents. When you buy a sponsored article, we don’t merely post it on; we also share it with our social media network, post it to our newsletter, and send out a push-notification. Moreover, we translate it to Mandarin Chinese and send it out to nearly 4,000 China-based readers.

A single sponsored feature costs EUR 1,500. The minute it’s posted, we share it with 17,212 people (that’s as of today, but this number will be more than 22,000 people before the year is over). In other words, you’re paying 0.087 euros per person you reach just on Day 1.

If you buy several sponsored features, you can bring the per-reader cost down to as little as 0.044 euros, because we apply a progressive discount structure. If you buy 3 items or more, you enjoy a 25% discount; if you buy 6, we apply a 35% discount; buy 9, and the discount is 50%.

This progressive discount structure applies not only to sponsored features but to all our promotional items. You could, for example, buy one sponsored feature, one banner ad, and one program page sponsorship, and get a 25% discount.

IMI has many promotional options beyond sponsored features. We also offer banner ads, mailouts, featured developments, featured events, featured agents, and so on.

Program Page sponsorships

Just in the last few months, we’ve also gradually rolled out the unique opportunity of Program Page Sponsorships. Every major investment migration program now has its own dedicated page on IMI.

By becoming a program page sponsor, your firm provides the program overview and the program FAQ. Your company’s name, logo, and contact information is listed on these pages, and you also get your very own About page on IMI.

To see an example of what a sponsored program page looks like, visit the Malta IIP Program Page.

There is only one program page per program and only one sponsor slot for each. We are now opening for sponsorships of these on a first-come-first-served basis. Get in touch today to secure your program page. Malta IIP, Malta RVP, UK Tier 1, and Cyprus CIP are already taken, but the rest are available for the time being.

For more details on our promotional options, see our Media Pack.

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Neither do we.

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