Breaking: Grenada CIP Cuts Minimum Investment Requirement on Real Estate to US$220,000

In a rule-change gazetted today, the Government of Grenada announces that the minimum investment requirement for the real estate option of the country’s citizenship by investment program is reduced from US$350,000 to US$220,000.

Similar to changes in other Caribbean CIP-countries over the last year, the new price is only applicable in cases where applicants co-invest in a unit, for a total of US$440,000 each.

The decision brings Grenada in line with prevailing market rates in neighboring jurisdictions.

Grenada also recently amended its laws in a bid to further improve its program’s attractiveness. Among other changes, the CIU revealed it would expand its definition of dependents to include grandparents and adult siblings, remove the permanent residence requirement, and allow CBI-real estate investors to re-sell their properties to new CIP-participants. More on those changes here: Grenada Amends CIP: Resold CBI-Property to Qualify – Siblings, Grandparents Now Eligible as Dependents

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See the gazetted amendment and the circular below:

Want to know more about the Grenada CIP? To see statistics, recent news, official links, FAQs, approved developments, accredited agents, and more about this program, visit the Grenada CIP Program Page.

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