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The Future of B2B Deals is Here


Making B2B deals is about to get seriously easier, thanks to another innovative solution from CIVIQUO.

CIVIQUO – which has recently been chosen by the World Business Angel Investor Forum as one of the top 100 companies worldwide, for high-growth business potential – is now presenting yet another radically innovative and inclusive solution, which may very well set a new standard of how B2B deals are made. With the tagline, “B2B deals, made easy” – say hello to, CIVIQUOPro.

“CIVIQUOPro is a free, web-based tool, which allows professionals to make direct B2B deals; literally. It’s not about networking or about getting contact details, but about making the actual deal.” Says Founder and CEO, Yakof Agius.

CIVIQUOPro’s launch campaign video makes it very clear as to how the platform will work, but let’s say you have a client interested in applying for the Cyprus citizenship programme and you are looking for someone to provide support with the application. Here’s how it works; you log on to the platform – input how many applicants are included in the application and their nationality, and the system presents a list of service providers who can offer that service to you – including their B2B fees and their performance ratings.

You submit an order to your preferred service provider and wait for the service provider to accept the order. That’s pretty much it! In a few clicks, you would have achieved what otherwise requires travelling, emails, phone calls, negotiations, exclusivity agreements and all the associated time and costs.

You can also ask service providers to compile the application for you – in fact, these two services – ‘Submit Only’ and ‘Compile and Submit’ – are standard in the platform. But what if you need something more custom? Like a meet and greet, an appointment with a tax advisor and a tour of Limassol? Then, you post a civiQUOTE.

The aptly named ‘civiQUOTE’, is basically an online tendering process, meaning that you post an open request for the services you need, wait to receive offers and then choose the offer that best fits your needs. Which means that you become more efficient in obtaining the services you need; at the prices you need.

CIVIQUOPro may be the ultimate infrastructure which helps to centralise the investment migration network, thus making it more organised, efficient, stable and cost-effective. For the larger firms, it helps in minimising the risk of being severely impacted if a core programme is suspended for any reason – as has happened with Moldova, the Quebec Immigrant Investor Programme and possibly, the Malta Individual Investor Programme – and that was just 2019.

Yakof Agius explained that, “Our B2C platform focuses on the end-client, but now with CIVIQUOPro we are also focusing on the service providers – who are key to the CIVIQUO marketplace – by making sure that they can access as many programmes as possible, with the best prices using a robust and independent infrastructure. Furthermore, by offering the possibility to rate each other’s quality of B2B services, we can now start to understand where the real quality in the industry is.

Of course, the price element has its own importance – hopefully we will influence the industry to offer competitive, yet sustainable pricing across the board, as this will be in everyone’s benefit. Furthermore, think of where this could go once family offices, banks, real estate developers and tax advisors start joining. 

Effectively, CIVIQUOPro stands to facilitate B2B transactions across the entire industry and beyond. When we started this undertaking we promised that we would holistically support the industry and personally I feel, that through CIVIQUO.COM, CIVIQUOPro and the CIVIQUO Risk Assessment Framework we have delivered a truly effective holistic solution, one that can only grow and develop with everyone’s input.”

Plus, its’ free to join, and you get access to both CIVIQUOPro and CIVIQUO.COM whilst still retaining the choice of being on one or both platforms. And for anyone who purchases a premium subscription you get even more advantages, including being listed as a top pick on both platforms, VIP account support and lower commissions.

Upgrade to a premium subscription before the end of February 2020, and you get 0% commission on all B2B transactions for a whole year!

That’s right! You only pay a one-time fee of EUR 1,750 for the first 12 months, and you will have access to all the B2B transactions your business can process, at 0% commission!

Furthermore, CIVIQUO are also including a 12-month club membership with IMIdaily.com, to help you stay updated with all the latest industry developments.

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