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Huriya Private Foundation is Leading a Ramadan Fundraiser to Support Children with Cancer

Huriya Private

“Your Donation, Their Future!” is a Ramadan Campaign led by Huriya Private Foundation in partnership with Al Jalila Foundation to support Basma Campaign against childhood cancer. Stemming from Huriya Private Foundation’s mission, “Working towards a future where all children get the care and support, they need to thrive”, the foundation aims to draw smiles and bring joy to children with cancer by raising funds to provide quality medical treatment and invest in cancer research to bring the world closer to a cure.

With every donation, the foundation can change those children’s lives and transform their future for the better.

In addition to direct donations to the foundation, Huriya Private Foundation has partnered up with Polish artist Marcin Rogal (mrartpride), who will put up his “All Heroes Were Once Kids” painting in a charity auction with proceeds supporting the Foundation’s Ramadan Campaign.

The painting auction initiative was inspired by superheroes and the battle that some children go through against cancer.

“A child is born with unlimited potential to become a hero. Some become heroes through special talents while others become heroes as they fight cancer. Together we can rewrite the future of young heroes and give them hope to grow up stronger and healthier.”