Hartman University Town: The Only Approved Educational CBI Project

Hartman University Town

The real estate branch of the Grenada citizenship by investment program (CIP) has largely been dominated by five-star resorts followed by actual property; two great options, but both lacking in the department of return on investment (ROI).

Five-star resorts are a great investment, but the return relies heavily on the fluctuance of tourism, whilst renting out a property – or even reselling it – can prove quite the challenge for investors living abroad. That is why Hartman Education is introducing a groundbreaking project accompanied by a robust ROI plan and high appreciation rates, introducing: Hartman University Town.

Adjacent to world-known medical school

The project is situated near the St. George’s University (SGU) in Grenada and is primed to offer extraordinary accommodation to local and international students. SGU, established in 1976, is the leading medical school in the Caribbean, and one of the best worldwide, ensuring a steady influx of future medical professionals who come to hone their knowledge, whilst ensuring the investors a nifty ROI.

Ingenious design

Hartman University Town is a massive project courtesy of about USD 2 billion investment of the reputable Hartman Education. The town will consist of University Campus, Campus Stadium, high-end student condos, commercial center, a top-tier medical center, University Hotel and a luxurious resort. Hartman Education is already in advanced communication with a US based university to establish a campus within the town for local and international students. 

The project is offering investors the chance to own units in its high-tech student village, a venture that is stable, profitable, and, most importantly, leads to Grenadian citizenship. The project was approved by the Grenadian citizenship by investment unit (CBIU) in March of 2021 and has already broken grounds with the first phase of construction – set on a colossal 148 acres of land – proposed to be completed in 3 years, approximately 2024.

Hartman University Town is the winner of three Platinum Titan Property Awards in 2021. The project’s design is futuristic and relies heavily on natural lighting and solar power, while the ludicrous natural beauty of Grenada adds to the glamour of the university town concept.

High income generating investment options

Hartman offers investors two investment options:

  1. Sole ownership at USD 350,000
  2. Shared ownership at USD 220,000

Both options are eligible for the Grenadian CIP and come with substantial ROI potential. They can both be sold after the five-year holding period required by the Grenadian CBIU, and even shared ownership units can be sold regardless of the partner’s stance.

Sole ownership, reasonably, has a higher predicted ROI between 4.7 – 5.37% depending on the renting period, while shared ownership also has a pleasant ROI situated between 3.1 – 3.81%. A steady 5-year rental income is foreseen by the developer.

Steady and sustainable investment

The beauty of investing in Hartman’s University Town lies within the stability and continuity of the return, as it is not subject to weather conditions such as the hurricane season (common to most Caribbean islands), tourist fluctuation, or the real estate market. It is a self-sufficient ecosystem that will always be in demand as long as education lives on. The developer offers a one-stop service where investors can obtain truly passive income without the need to break a sweat. The service includes purchasing a qualified unit (or share), citizenship by investment consulting, application filing, financial planning, and managing the property (renting out and reselling), etc.

Financial markets are optimistic about the Hartman University Town project, the marketing agent will help to arrange a financing loan if the investors need. Some financial companies can provide a maximum loan of 50 – 70% of the value of the property.

Grenada is the optimal investment destination

There are two types of CBI applicants, those who treat their investments as means to an end (citizenship), and those who want to make it count. We call on the latter to consider Grenada as the best destination for their investments, as the Hartman University Town project provides great profit while the Grenadian citizenship opens up business opportunities worldwide.

Grenada is the only Caribbean nation with a CIP whose nationals can apply for the US E2 visa and gain access with their families to America’s markets, learning institutions, and more as residents. With the 144 visa-free destinations you can access with a Grenadian passport, is evidently more than enough for you to conquer global commerce, especially considering that among those destinations are the UK, China, EU, and many more international business hubs.

The Hartman University Town project, in tandem with the Grenada CIP, allows investors to get a top-tier citizenship for themselves, their spouse, children, parents, and grandparents through an investment that actually makes sense.

About the project developer

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of a Hong Kong listed company, placed in a unique position to influence markets, the project developer has always been looking for those eager to provide their clients with a unique and profitable venture to come on board. The Hartman University Town project is just the beginning to enter ambitiously into the CBI market of huge potential. 

To know more about Hartman University Town project, please visit www.hartman-universitytown.com.

To get in touch with the project marketing agent, please email info@hartman-edu.com or contact (Hong Kong +852) 2123 8416.

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