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First Episode of IMI’s New Podcast, The Mobility Standard, Out Now

IMI finally has its own podcast: The Mobility Standard. Listen to Episode 1 today: The Rise of Western Investor Migrants.

In the podcast, IMI’s editor, Christian Nesheim, as well as Rogelio Caceres, Ahmad Abbas, and expert guest speakers dissect current events, trends, and crucial questions related to investment migration.

To begin with, we’ll be producing an episode every other week, inviting a new guest each time.

Episode 1: The New Investment Migration Market and the Rise of Western Investor Migrants

In this inaugural episode, there’s no guest but the three co-hosts discuss one of the most momentous market trends to emerge in the last year: The rise of Western investor migrants.

2020 has seen a surge in investment migration among applicants from countries we tend not to think of as typical outbound investment migration markets and we ask:

Is this just a flash in the pan that will revert to normal when the pandemic is over? If not, what does it mean for investment migration programs, service providers, and applicants?

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We discuss how different citizenship and residence by investment programs have evolved to cater to the preferences of non-Western applicants, and how they might need to change to start attracting a Western audience.

We also ask: Now that the pandemic has kickstarted awareness of investment migration products among Americans, how can the industry capitalize on this unique historical period to make sure that awareness remains and even grows?

We have submitted the show to most of the leading podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify, the latter of which has already listed us, which means you can follow the show there now by clicking this link. Our Apple Podcast and Google Podcast listings should be available within a week.

The Mobility Standard will have a permanent home on IMI here.

We also invite you, the listeners, to send in your questions ahead of the next episode. If we’re able to answer them, we’ll do so next time we air.

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