An EU Golden Visa in the Caribbean, Govt. Mandate Competition Heats Up, and Dominica Citizenship for $50k

Kenneth Green of Advance Global Partners joined us on the Mobility Standard podcast this week to talk about:

03:32 – The latest news on Dominica’s planned Entrepreneur-visa, which will offer a two-year path to citizenship starting at US$50,000:

“The CBI citizens don’t want to reside here, they don’t want to come here, they don’t even want to visit during the application process. [For the Entrepreneur visa] we’ve got people that want to come and live here […] Those are people who are committed to coming to live in Dominica and who are looking to change both their way of life and their operating base for themselves and their families.”

  • What type of interest is the program getting and from whom?
  • Why wouldn’t someone who wants Dominican citizenship just apply under the CIP instead?
  • Who will be the accredited agents of the program?

30:00 – An update on the Curaçao Investor Permit Program, which is, curiously, an EU golden visa program – in the Caribbean.

“Your qualification period can be served in any of the Dutch territories. […] So, you can get your permit in Curaçao, and then decide that you want to spend your time in Sint Maarten and qualify, at the end of the fifth year, after taking the Dutch language test, and get Dutch citizenship. And the Dutch passport is now rated third in the world, so it’s extremely attractive.”

  • The new securities investment option;
  • How to get Curaçao residence, and a 5-year path to Dutch citizenship, for US$280,000 – or even less;
  • On spending your qualification period anywhere in the Dutch Kingdom and qualify for Dutch citizenship in five years;

39:31 – The growing number of firms entering the RCBI government advisory field.

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“What we are finding is that [governments] are wary about companies doing 5, 6, or 7 jurisdictions because they are worried about them having the ability to actually craft something specifically suited to their circumstances and needs. […] If you look at the Caribbean; I mean, if one player has four or five different islands, how do you differentiate them?”

  • Virtually a duopoly just a few years ago, the RCBI government advisory market has seen 8-10 new entrants recently. What’s behind this proliferation of firms seeking government mandates to launch programs?
  • How can the new market participants contend when they don’t have the track record of the early movers in the government advisory field?
  • What are the new programs Kenneth – and others – are working on right now?
  • Though no region has longer experience with CBI than the Caribbean, the design and implementation of programs are typically left to European firms. Why is that and is it changing?

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