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Q3 CBI Agents Update: Two More Agents Blacklisted in Caribbean, 15 New Licensees Globally

The global number of accredited CBI agents has grown from 352 in March to 365 today, representing growth of 3.7% during the period. 15 new licenses were issued among the eight programs tracked, while only two licenses were withdrawn or not renewed.

No changes to the accredited agent rosters were observed among the citizenship by investment programs of Antigua & Barbuda or Montenegro.

Saint Lucia CIP changes

Saint Lucia's CIU approved one new agent - Antilia Global Inc. - and made no further changes to its list.

Malta PRP/MEIN changes

The Community Malta Agency issued new licenses to seven individuals:

  • Ms. Tracy Falzon
  • Mr. Christopher Camilleri
  • Dr. David Joseph Meli
  • Dr. Mariella Scerri
  • Dr. Timothy Zammit
  • Dr. Tiziana Micallef
  • Ms. Kristianne Fenech

Two individuals, meanwhile, are no longer listed as licensees:

  • Dr. Celine Marie Dalli
  • Dr. Gianella Farrugia

Saint Kitts & Nevis CIP changes

Saint Kitts' CIU welcomed three new licensees:

  • Crios R. Freeman
  • De Lara Mac Clure Taylor
  • Jackie Hunkins-Taylor
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There were no de-listings during the period.

Dominica CIP changes

Dominica added ABL Holdings to its roster. No further changes were recorded during the period.

Grenada CIP changes

Grenada welcomed All Star Limited, represented by Mrs. Dahlia Joseph Rowe, and DCS Corp, represented by Mr. Robert Louis Simmons, as newly accredit local agents. Also here, none were delisted.

Vanuatu CBI changes

Vanuatu's roster grew by a single name; Vire Iverson Citizenship Consultancy Services. Considering Vanuatu's CBI crisis, this list will likely shrink in the months ahead.

Blacklist changes

The global total number of blacklisted CBI agents grew by one, from 15 to 16, during the period. Dina Sky is back in Saint Kitts & Nevis CIU's good graces, though it still features on Dominica's blacklist. In a first, the Saint Kitts & Nevis CIU has added a named individual (rather than a company) to its blacklist; Abdullah Yahya Mohammad Al-Tikriti.

Finally, Dominica has included UAE-based "Canadian Bureau" on its blacklist.

Saint Kitts & Nevis CIPMalta MEIN and PRPDominica CIP
Alt Air Travel & TourismInvest ImmigrationUnican Immigration
Alt Group Citizenship and ResidencyDina Sky Immigration Services
Bye Bye Group Citizenship and ResidencyCanadian Bureau
Dream Citizenship
Dream Passports
Illimite Migration
Immigration Advisors
Lady Travel
Shanghai Qiaoyi Private Entry-Exit Service Co. Ltd
Take Off Company-Travel Co.Ltd
Buford Global
Abdullah Yahya Mohammad Al-Tikriti
Count: 12Count: 1Count: 3

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