Welcome to IMI Connect Saigon: Part of Global Citizen Week Nov 13-16

It is with great pleasure that we today announce that the 4th IMI Connect conference will take place this November 13-16 in Saigon (HCMC) Vietnam.

This time, while sticking to the same format our guests have grown to know and love, IMI Connect will join forces with the Asia Outbound Summit to offer two conferences in the same city and during the same week, giving industry stakeholders a unique, two-for-one deal we are calling Global Citizen Week.

See full details on the IMI Connect Saigon and the Global Citizen Week pages.

4 Days, 2 Events, 1 Ticket

When considering which events to attend, industry professionals look for which events can give them what they need. Specifically, what they want to get out of a conference, are the following:

  • To make more money by meeting local agents to widen their network of B2B partners
  • To showcase their products and services
  • To have honest, unguarded conversations about critical issues
  • To learn: Get briefings on industry developments and discover new solutions
  • To have fun and connect with old and new friends and colleagues

The problem is that some of the above elements are mutually exclusive within a single conference. 

For example, when presenting their services to local agents – such as at the Asia Outbound Summit –  industry professionals would like to show themselves from their best side. This conflicts with a conference’s ability to have frank and open debate about topics that are unflattering or uncomfortable. 

Similarly, closed-door conferences designed for unbridled debate about critical issues – as permitted by the philosophy behind IMI Connect – cannot at the same time accommodate glossy presentations about a company’s services or basic introductions to programs already well-known to professionals.

Practitioners have had to choose between the two event formats: Choreographed pitches and off-the-cuff discussion. 

A message from our partners
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Until now.

With Global Citizen Week, IMI Connect and Asia Outbound are combining efforts to provide both event formats during the same week in Saigon, Vietnam. 

Across four days of activities in this Asian megacity, our guests will get the best of both worlds.

And best of all, they will get both events for the price of one. Whether you are just attending as a guest or also sponsoring, your ticket and your sponsorship cover all four days.

We have an incredible program lined up for you. Not only does it include the elements you are already familiar with from IMI Connect – such as the Night-Before Cocktail, the Morning-After Brunch, the Dinner Cruise, the Investment Migration Trivia Contest – but also now the Asia Outbound Summit, where you’ll meet local Vietnamese agents. 

In addition, we have an optional cultural tour to the Cu Chi Tunnels planned for the final day. 

See the full program here

If you’re attending just a single event this fall, let it be Global Citizen Week. 

As always, staying true to our intimate and personal theme, we have limited the number of tickets to 90. IMI Pro members will have priority access to tickets, and can get theirs already now. In a week, we will open for sales to the general public.