IMI Connect Malta: Join Us for Another Unforgettable Experience on May 18-20

The IMI community is gathering again!

Following two incredibly productive and enjoyable IMI Connect events in Lisbon and Istanbul last year, we are gearing up for another one-of-a-kind event this spring. Join the IMI team and the finest people in the investment migration business for IMI Connect Malta on May 18-20.

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As with our previous events, IMI Connect Malta will be a for-the-guests, by-the-guests gathering. This means you can expect many of the elements that have allowed our events to stand out in the past:

No-Nonsense discussion

We’ll provide frank and open debate on the issues that matter the most to investment migration professionals, unbridled by the presence of media or clients, supported by an event format that fosters trust, camaraderie, and honesty. Members of the community don’t come to IMI Connect to sell or pitch anything, nor to impress a lay audience or politicians. We come to engage in private conversations about pressing and sensitive issues among friends.

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Intimate connections at a personal level

Although millions of dollars in deals have already resulted from relationships forged at IMI Connect events, the role of IMI Connect is not to facilitate business transactions but to bring key market actors together so that they may bond at a personal level. People like to do business with people they know. IMI Connect’s job is to provide the circumstances by which people can get to know each other or reinforce existing relationships. Business deals can then follow as a natural consequence of the newfound friendships in the weeks and months after the event itself.

We avoid corporate presentations, booths, and other mainstays of conventional industry conferences. Instead, we focus on providing a relaxed and informal atmosphere and the kind of experiences in which friendships are made: Plenty of coffee and snack breaks, drawn-out lunches and dinners, as well as fun activities like a sunset cruise and, of course, our trademark Investment Migration Trivia Contest. We don’t let our program get in the way of social interaction.

For the same reason, we limit attendance to maximum of 90 people. Keeping the event small ensures intimacy and helps us avoid making the gathering feel impersonal.

Unique and locally inspired venues

No two IMI Connect events are the same. This means, for example, that we don’t host them in the ball-rooms of international hotels, which tend to be relatively undifferentiated no matter where they are in the world. Instead, we play to the host city’s strengths by picking original venues with a focus on authenticity and local characteristics. In the case of Malta, an ancient-yet-modern seafaring nation basked in sunlight, we have arranged for the event to take place across five different venues mixing maritime themes with historic buildings and outdoor venues. See the details on the IMI Connect Malta event page.

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