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Americans Displace Turks to Become All-Time 3rd Biggest Portugal Golden Visa Investor Group. Now, the British are Coming Too

January was a rather average month for Portugal’s golden visa program. The SEF issued visas to 93 main applicants and 153 of their family members and recorded some EUR 43.4 million in corresponding investments. 44 of the approvals pertained to ordinary Subp. 3 real estate investments, 31 to Subp. 4 renovation-based real estate investments, and the remaining 18 to fund investments.

As had long been anticipated, Americans last month finally surpassed Turks to become the Portuguese golden visa program's third-largest investor nationality overall, on a cumulative basis since the program's opening ten years ago. That is no mean feat, considering American applicants did not even start showing up in the monthly top five (much less the all-time cumulative top five) until January 2021, i.e., more than eight years after the program opened.

In 2022, American golden visa applicants gained 216 approvals, thus becoming the single-largest investor group that year. 2022 was the first year in the program's history in which Chinese investors were not the top applicant group.

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If the first month of 2023 is anything to go by (naturally, it's too soon to say if it is), Americans are on track to set records also in 2023: Of the 93 main applicants who gained approvals in January, 21 (23%) were Americans. They were followed by Chinese (11), Brazilians (10), British (10), and Lebanese (8).

There are indications that the British may be about to emulate the Americans in becoming a top-five applicant group in a relatively short time. The British never showed up in the monthly top five until 13 months ago. Since then, however, they have appeared a further five times, four of which they recorded a double-digit number of approvals. In the last three months alone, 45 UK citizens have received golden visas.

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