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Respond to Your Investment Migration Inquiries in Minutes – Not Hours

An email lands in your investment migration company’s inbox:

“Dear Sirs. I am Mr. So-and-So from Syria. I am interested in getting second citizenship for me and my family. What will it cost if I want to bring my wife, my three children, my parents, and – if possible – my sister?”

The question may be simple, but even if you’re an experienced IM professional, chances are you can’t answer it off the top of your head.

Sure, you know what the minimum investment is for a single applicant but, for any particular family composition, you’ll need to check the numbers. You’ll need to verify answers to questions like:

  • Did that limited-time offer still apply in Saint Kitts & Nevis?
  • Which countries allowed the inclusion of siblings again? And at what additional cost?
  • What is the precise cost for each option in each program for this particular family?
  • Wait, aren’t Syrians barred from applying in Vanuatu? I think I remember seeing something about that in IMI.

Maybe you’ve made yourself a spreadsheet that helps you calculate the price for a client. But is it up to date? And are you sure the numbers are correct when you include children, grandparents, or siblings? Do siblings even qualify for this particular program?

If it takes you an hour or more to run the numbers and double-check the requirements, you’re not alone. In fact, most IM companies responding to the 2021 Investment Migration Executive Survey said it took them 90 minutes or more just to calculate and send a comprehensive offer to a prospective client.

Say your company receives 10 inquiries a day. To respond to these, you have a couple of relationship managers who each make $20 an hour ($41,600/year). If those relationship managers spend 90 minutes per inquiry, it means each can send out five offers a day – if they don’t take any breaks.

At this rate, you’re spending $320 a day responding to 10 inquiries.

Why should you spend $6,400 a month – or $76,800 a year – on responding to 10 inquiries a day? If your company is getting 65 inquiries a day, you’re spending a million dollars a year answering inquiries.

And that’s if the relationship managers are in the office to answer them at all. What if you receive an inquiry at 7 PM on a Friday? 60+ hours could pass before you finally answer the inquiry.

By the time Monday morning rolls around, Mr. So-and-So has already paid a retainer to your competitors in Dubai (who work on Sundays).

Say your slow response time causes you to miss out on just a single client each month (it’s probably more). Maybe each client is worth a net $25,000 to your firm. That’s $300,000 in net earnings lost to slow response times.

“There’s not much I can do about that.”

There was not much you could do about that.

Cut your response time by 90% and send at least 10 times as many offers with the same resources

What if an unskilled, inexperienced relationship manager could calculate and send out not five but 50 offers a day? What if you never had to do any research on sibling eligibility or double-check the investment requirements ever again?

What if there were a single, always-up-to-date RCBI program “oracle” you could tell about your client’s particular situation and that would produce, in seconds, a detailed and accurate cost calculation for every program, every time?

How many more clients would that bring you each year?

After nearly two years of development and planning, RCBI.Assistant, the platform that supercharges your inquiry-response process, is finally ready for the market.

From the calculator section of RCBI.Assistant

When the team that developed the platform – RCBI.Solutions – first reached out to me, asking me to help them bring it to market, I was skeptical; many valiant efforts have been made over the years to develop a working RCBI program cost-calculator. Many of them have gotten it almost right.

But when I saw RCBI.Assistant, I realized that this thing actually works.

It’s accurate, it’s comprehensive, it’s detailed, and it gives the right answer every single time perfectly. I looked at the calculations from every angle and for every program and found them to be correct 100% of the time.

From the offer page that clients receive through RCBI.Assistant

We asked the different CIUs to verify the calculations for their programs and they reached the same conclusion; 100% correct.

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Nestor Alfred, CEO of the Saint Lucia CIU, went on record to say that he believed “this calculator will help potential investors and international promoters obtain solid, mistake-free numbers for their personalized scenarios.”

David Lesperance, of Lesperance & Associates, who took part in the beta-testing group, said it “eliminated hours of research.”

RCBI.Assistant, in brief, will become the industry standard because the firms that don’t use this productivity enhancement will fall behind.

But RCBI.Assistant is much more than just a cost calculator:

RCBI.Assistant makes responding to residence and citizenship by investment inquiries easy, quick, and accurate:

  • Automatically calculate program costs for different family compositions in seconds
  • Send detail-rich, interactive, branded offers to your client in minutes
  • Respond quickly to inquiries wherever, whenever with the mobile app
  • Track your inquiry-response data over time
  • Reduce your response time by 90% or more
  • Enable even inexperienced colleagues to respond accurately to client inquiries
  • Send more offers, get more clients
  • Trust the numbers: RCBI.Assistant ensures program prices and terms are up-to-date

See how it works in our demo videos

How to calculate program costs and send an offer to your client

Watch our other demo videos on how to customize your offer template with your own branding, how to offers work, and how to track trends and productivity on the RCBI.Assistant page.

An error-free, one-stop-shop for RCBI agents

Olga Komlichenko, the Project Manager of RCBI.Assistant, is confident that RCBI agents who adopt the technology will instantly see the difference in their sales funnel:

Profile photo of Olga Komlichenko
Olga Komlichenko

RCBI.Assistant is a comprehensive software that acts as a one-stop-shop for RCBI agents. It houses a CRM, communications platform, accurate program calculator, program updates, and more that will make the process smooth, clean, and error-free. 

When we started designing RCBI.Assistant, we aimed to create a platform that not only meets all the needs of an RCBI firm but is easily updatable to accommodate the constant changes in the industry. Our team is continuously verifying the data, and we aim to provide program updates and changes in real-time so our users don’t miss a beat. 

Send interactive offers with comparison charts to your clients

We also created an interface that is simple to use and is remarkably mobile-friendly, allowing RCBI professionals to conduct their work on the go. 

The software itself is highly secure and has undergone rigorous testing to ensure that no outside party can access any sensitive information in the software. 

Users can also choose their own style for their dashboards and personalize what information they want to see based on their needs and objectives. 

Our RCBI. Assistant can slash lead processing times, and this is just the beginning. Our solutions will change the landscape of the industry through enhanced innovation and top-tier software that aligns with the needs of the investment migration sector.”

Plans and pricing

RCBI.Assistant offers different plans for different companies to ensure that no matter the size of your current business, RCBI.Assistant will help you both save and make money.

Those of you who are not sure if RCBI.Assistant is right for you can try it for two weeks for US$499.

After that, plans start at US$665 a month but anyone who signs up in November, the launch month, will get a 10% discount on the Basic Package and a 20% discount on the Business Package.

To sign up for RCBI.Assistant, or simply to request further information or a demonstration, contact me (cn@imidaily.com) today.

You can either keep manually calculating, checking, and preparing your client offers at great cost or grow your client base more quickly than ever before by adopting the next generation of lead processing tools today.

The choice is yours.

Yours sincerely,

Christian Henrik Nesheim

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