New Tool: List and Maps of Global Investment Migration Company Office Distribution

Now you can see exactly which international investment migration firms have offices in which countries. Use our list to sort by country or by company, or interact with our maps to see which firms have an office presence in a particular market.

We’ve listed the countries in which the 60 largest international* investment migration firms have a physical office presence. You can sort the list, both by country and by company. Scroll right to see more firms.

You can also interact with our maps to see precisely which firms are present in a particular country. Just click the country and a list will appear.

For improved focus, we’ve made separate maps for each continent.

You’ll find the Office Locator Tool on the front page of the IMI Data Center. The IMI Data Center is accessible for Club members only. If you’re not already a member, sign up here.

Did we make a mistake?

If you’ve found that we’ve incorrectly listed – or omitted – one of your firm’s offices, please let the editor know via

*By “international”, we mean that the company has a physical office presence outside of its home market and offers its clients assistance with a diversified range of RCBI programs. For example, many very large Chinese firms are excluded from this analysis because they operate only within China. Similarly, many large US EB-5 consultancies are excluded because they do not offer advisory services related to programs other than American ones.

By “specialist”, we mean that the narrowly defined line of business we know as investment migration – i.e., residency and citizenship by investment – is the company’s primary business. Many firms offer help with RCBI programs as part of a wider panoply of services – such as tax planning or company formation. We have chosen to focus only on those firms that chiefly occupy themselves with RCBI and very little else. Consequently, companies like Deloitte, Sovereign Group, or Eurofast do not feature in this overview.


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