LAUNCH: The New IMI Data Center

Today, we’re proud to present the new IMI Data Center, a much bigger, more comprehensive, and more easily navigable homepage for the world’s largest collection of statistics on residency and citizenship by investment.

One of IMI’s most important functions in the investment migration market is to provide timely and reliable data. Indeed, many of our readers cite our data provision as the part of our work that they most appreciate because the data we provide is very difficult and time-consuming to find elsewhere. By relaunching and enriching the Data Center, we are taking investment migration data provision up a notch.

Constantly growing, the redesigned Data Center already contains more than 300 graphs and charts presenting data on

  • Investment migration programs
  • Investment migration companies
  • Investor migrant trends and key figures
  • Individual country markets
  • Global market statistics

What’s new?

Individual country market data

Want to know how many Nigerian investor migrants participated in the UK Tier 1 investor visa program in 2017, which South African city has the highest concentration of HNWI, or which international investment migration firms have offices in Manila? Consult the corresponding country’s Market page.

Comprehensive program data

Until now, we have displayed some key graphs on each investment migration program on their respective program pages. Now, we are sharing all the data IMI itself has on every program in the data center, providing far richer data sets on each program than was previously available.

Dozens of never-before published datasets

During the ordinary course of our work, IMI collates data that sometimes doesn’t make its way into our articles, either because they are not directly related to particular news items or because we don’t wish to overwhelm the reader with statistics. In the new Data Center, however, we are publishing all of our previously unpublished statistical graphs.

Live search

Looking for a particular statistic such as, for example, the average number of dependents among Greek golden visa applicants? Start typing keywords in the search bar and results will appear in real-time. To narrow down the search results, keep adding keywords.

The new IMI Data Center is freely accessible to all IMI Club and IMI Club PRO members. If you aren’t already a member, you can sign up in less than a minute here.

We will keep adding statistics to the Data Center every week. If you have requests or suggestions for data to add, let the editor know on

More Intel & Data

In 2019, says Bastien Trelcat, "some consultants started abusing loopholes in the program, such as by selling it as a passive investment," which has resulted in lower approval rates.
The investment fund option of the Portuguese golden visa continues its inexorable rise, as does the prevalence of American applicants.
See exactly where international investment migration firms have offices. Sort, filter, and search through our list or interact with the maps.

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