US Ambassador Lauds Grenada CIP’s Use of JRCC Due Diligence

“Grenada is doing a good job,” said US Ambassador to Barbados, the Eastern Caribbean, and the OECS, Linda Taglialatela of the Grenada CIP’s use of the due diligence facilities of Barbados’ Joint Regional Communications Centre (JRCC) during an interview while on-island for an official visit this week, according to Now Grenada. “Grenada is using it more than some of the others,” added the ambassador in reference to the JRCC’s vetting infrastructure, which is available to all the region’s CIPs.

“We have working arrangements with the 5 islands in the eastern Caribbean which have an arrangement for due diligence through the JRCC,” said Taglialatela, who also emphasized that all five programs in the Eastern Caribbean should be using the JRCC for vetting.

“Some countries are more diligent in doing so. Once they get to the JRCC, they have available to them agencies like Interpol and all the other groups that have information on individuals. So, they run all the names through the computer to see if any of them are on the wanted list or identified as people who have done things that are questionable. We then report back to each country what the JRCC has on them.”

Noting that citizenship by investment, as such, remained a cause for concern in Washington, Ambassador Taglialatela nonetheless acknowledged that such concerns must be weighed against the positive economic impacts the programs have had in the region.

“The USA will [sic] prefer the countries do not have the CBI programme but at the same time, it understands the position because it’s putting money into the countries. We understand it as a way to raise revenue,” she said.

According to figures released last month, Grenada’s CIP is on track to set new revenue records in 2020.

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