The South Africa Investment Migration Report 2020

South Africa is home to one-third of Africa’s High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) and slightly under a third of Africa’s total private wealth. Increasingly, wealthy South Africans seek to emigrate and look with particular interest to Anglosphere destinations.

Rapidly growing demand – driven by economic stagnation, high levels of violent crime, and endemic institutional corruption – served by a very small number of local specialists characterize the South African investment migration market. 

While South Africa has a well-developed private wealth services industry, the field of investment migration has not reached the degree of competitiveness observable in larger, more mature markets like those of Asia, Russia, and the Middle East.

The essential report for investment migration firms that want to expand their South African client base. This report contains:

  • A detailed overview of South Africa’s HNWI demographic
    • The city-level distribution of South African HNWIs
    • The countries and asset classes in which they have the highest propensity to invest – now and in the near future;
    • Their educational and professional background;
    • Their age, gender, ethnicity, and language profiles;
    • Projected growth rates in the number of South African HNWIs
  • South African HNWI investment migration preferences
    • Historical data and forecasts on South African participation in RCBI programs worldwide;
    • The degree to which they are likely to prefer CIPs, RIPs, or
    • Entrepreneur visas;
    • Annual growth rates in South African participation in RCBI Programs
  • Comprehensive lists of RCBI service providers in South Africa
    • South Africa-based RCBI specialists;
    • International RCBI specialists present in South Africa;
    • Non-specialist RCBI service providers in South Africa;
    • Third-party institutional partners present in South Africa
  • South Africa-specific regulatory and business challenges
    • Taxation;
    • Capital controls;
    • Police certificates and restrictions on citizenship
  • Comprehensive analysis
    • Primary motivating factors for emigration;
    • Programs on which to focus your marketing efforts;
    • How best to source clients;
    • Which locations within the country should be in focus;
    • Local competitive analysis

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