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“There are Still Many Uncertainties” in Caribbean CBI:  10 on The Weekend With Kevin Hosam

10 On The Weekend is a weekly (-ish) feature in IMI, the concept of which is simple: Each time, we ask the same ten questions of a different IMI Pro, letting readers get to know the interviewee on a more personal and informal level than they might during the ordinary course of business.

Our guest this week is Kevin Hosam, Founder and Chairman of EC-Holdings.

How do you spend your weekends?

Once home in Antigua on a Saturday, I go for lunch with family and friends at one of our favorite spots to eat the best local food.

On Sundays, I enjoy jetting up and down Antigua’s coastline on a speed boat, picking one of the best of the island’s 365 beaches.

However, often, I find myself in the office, trying to get a head start on the upcoming week.

When I am away on a business trip, I try my best to relax on the weekends, eat some good food, and find some of the best entertainment hotspots because, during the week, I tend to have quite a packed schedule.

What are your top three business goals this year?

My top three business goals this year are:

To keep EC Holdings growing its footprint worldwide, offering clients more flexible life-changing solutions and services.

I often think about job security. The climate in the ever-changing RCBI Industry is sometimes quite volatile. My goal is to continue to provide my employees with sustainable employment that expands beyond my doors, motivating them to elevate themselves in the industry and providing them with the tools to do so.

Lastly, I have placed at the top of my agenda to continue to support my clients beyond the residency and citizenship process. I have been dedicating time and resources within our offices to assist our clients in reaching their full potential in their recent country of residence or citizenship.

What’s your biggest business concern right now?

One of my biggest concerns right now is the looming changes in the CBI industry. There are still many uncertainties, not just with the price increase we are currently facing but also with proposed requirements and potential legislative changes that the governments may implement.

Another major concern of mine is the endless negativity we often hear associated with CBI; however, there is a world of positives that the majority never discuss.

We often forget that these programs offer access to countries with a stable political atmosphere, secure environment, and stable financial future for generations to come.

Each program maintains high standards regarding due diligence, which means it attracts high-quality investors. Ultimately, I believe that Caribbean Programs are the backbone of the CBI industry; after all, this all started 40 years ago in St. Kitts and Nevis, and these programs do not get enough credit for the positives mentioned.

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Which book is on your nightstand right now?

I don’t own a nightstand! (Joking!) But I would rather kick up my feet on the living room center table and watch people’s real-life experiences on platforms like YouTube because I firmly believe in learning from my life experiences and others.

How and when did you first get into the investment migration industry?

In 2010, I worked part-time remotely for a Real Estate developer in St. Kitts who was eyeing the CBI sector.

Intrigued by the potential of this industry, a few years later, I took the decisive step of initiating application processing in Antigua while still doing remote work with the property developer in St. Kitts.

In 2015, I founded Exclusive Concierge, which was the stepping stone to what we know today as EC Holdings. EC Holdings has expanded its footprint globally, marking a significant milestone in my journey.

What was your proudest moment as a service provider?

Every day serves as a source of immense pride for me as a service provider, especially when I am able to deliver a family’s dream of citizenship.

Luckily, I live in a jurisdiction where clients have to visit their new country of citizenship, which means I get to interact with them and see the joy they experience when exploring their second homes.

Moreover, I take great pride in being a partner in a distinguished collective of professionals, each dedicated to delivering excellence and making our client’s dreams a reality.

Which investment migration market development has surprised you the most in the last year?

What has most surprised me this past year is the following through and signing of the MoA, which is coming to fruition. I am also pleasantly surprised by the unity this has brought about between the “Carib 5”.

If you could go ten years back in time, what business decision would you change?

I honestly can’t think of anything that I would change. I believe that all my triumphs and failures in my career have led me to where I am today, and I am honestly proud of what I have accomplished. But if I had the opportunity, I would have founded my company, Exclusive Concierge, years earlier.

What investment migration industry personality do you most admire?

Without a doubt, Hakan Cortelek! He is very knowledgeable of the RCBI industry. Hakan is a very personable individual, and every conversation with him is easy. He is funny to the end!

If you were lucky enough to attend one of his business/conference presentations, you would experience how he keeps you captivated and engaged the entire time he is presenting. Hakan has a way of expressing information in a light-hearted and witty way.

If all goes according to plan, what will you be doing five years from now?

Five years from now, I would like to become a hotelier, own a chain of hotels, and host people in some of the most fun, breathtakingly beautiful places that I have had the privilege of visiting.

I enjoy giving people memorable experiences, and this would be another avenue to accomplish making people’s dreams a reality. This, in a way, means I want to leave the RCBI industry.

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