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Video-Link Ceremonies and Couriered Passport Distribution for Vanuatu DSP Citizens


Since February this year, there has been a severe bottleneck for the delivery from Vanuatu of passports and citizenship certificates for newly admitted DSP Citizens.

COVID-19 restrictions on inbound/outbound flights from Vanuatu have made it impossible for agents to fulfill their client mandates.

VIMB understands that inability to deliver is highly frustrating for clients and detrimental to the confidence of agents in offering the Vanuatu DSP.

VIMB has been working tirelessly on fulfillment solutions and has been in direct consultation with the new Vanuatu Government to forge an acceptable alternative to the previous system of physical ceremonies and hand-delivery of passports by appointed Vanuatu Government Officers.

Following a successful trial period of video-link ceremonies and explorative couriered distributions within the Pacific region, a new system of passport distribution has been implemented, and VIMB has this week effectuated the first deliveries internationally.

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Fulfillment challenges have been compounded by a passport printer problem in Vanuatu, which has prevented new passports from being printed. That issue has been overcome, and passport printing will recommence the week starting on June 22nd, 2020.

With these solutions now implemented, a resumption of distribution will be possible – although a considerable amount of coordination will still be required to effect timely, reliable completion of cases.

For any agents experiencing challenges with fulfillment, VIMB would like to offer its expertise and established channels for providing a delivery platform and solution for their clients.

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James Harris is a Government Authorised Representative for the Vanuatu Development Support Program and director of the Vanuatu Investment Migration Bureau.

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