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US Investors Prefer Open-Ended Funds for Portugal’s Golden Visa 

Optimize Investment Partners

US high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) are now looking to diversify their wealth and global mobility more than ever. 

The past few decades have shown that diversification is critical, and with the upcoming election providing more tension amidst a growing internal political gap, US HNWIs are seeking out solutions to safeguard themselves and their wealth.

However, investing abroad may be daunting to some, especially in countries that do not align with the American mindset. This is why Portugal has risen to the top of the list of viable investment destinations.

The EU country's NATO ties, direct flights to several cities in the US, common law courts, pro-business environment, budget surplus, pleasant climate, welcoming culture, strong economy, and—most pressingly—moderate democratic government make it the optimal choice for US investors. Adding to all of these characteristics, Portugal has emerged as the 7th safest country out of 163, according to the Global Peace Index.

Diversifying in Portuguese assets is a safe and sound strategy that has continued to attract a growing number of US HNWIs, and Optimize's Portugal Golden Opportunities Fund leads the pack in terms of alignment with US investor needs and objectives.

Tailored to the US Mindset

Americans have become the majority within the Portugal Golden Visa applicant pool, partially due to the rising interest in the open-end fund option.

Unlike HNWIs in the Eastern Hemisphere, investment funds are familiar to US investors. The framework, type of assets, liquidity, transparency, operational structure, and potential return all coincide with the US investor mindset.

Investment Funds are easy to liquidate, highly regulated, and completely hassle-free, making them an optimal choice for US HNWIs looking to protect their wealth in foreign assets that can help them hedge against rampant inflation and economic uncertainty.

Optimize's Golden Opportunities Fund complies with US investor objectives and needs, which are actually the largest pool of investors in assets in the fund. 

We have extensive expertise dealing with US clients and understand the restrictions they face in terms of FATCA and AML processes. The fund is FATCA and PFIC compliant, and Optimize provides extensive documentation for US clients to fill out the tax forms simply. 

The nature of our fund, open-end, means that it is easier for US HNWIs to invest in it than in private equity or venture capital funds. Our low-risk approach, based on extensive market research and financial analysis, provides US investors with the best diversification option in terms of geography, companies, and currency (EUR).

Simplified Exit Strategy

Another important aspect of Optimize's Golden Opportunity Fund is that there is no lock-up period. Investors can withdraw their investment at any time without penalties, and Optimize will transfer the money back to the investor’s bank account within five business days, unlike other funds that may enforce a five—to ten-year holding period or apply redemption fees.

This characteristic of our fund, similar to other mutual funds that Americans are familiar with, makes it an excellent tool for US HNWIs to diversify their investments into an easy solution to liquidate assets.

It is important to note that if investors want to obtain a Golden Visa, they will have to maintain their investment for at least five years (until they qualify for permanent residence or citizenship).

Best Option in Town

Our investors are from all over the world, as the fund's easy exit strategy has proven to be key to attracting local and global investors alike. Actually, the fact that the local investment management team is also invested in the fund aligns with management and clients´ interests and is one of the reasons why this fund is widely chosen. It is the same logic that encourages tourists to eat at places locals frequent, they know the lay of the land and know where the best spots are, and Optimize Golden Opportunities Fund is at the top.

More Than A Golden Visa

While many of our US clients have invested in the Golden Opportunities Fund as a safe way to obtain a Golden Visa, many others have not expressed interest in the residency by investment program but are instead looking for the best investment return. 

That’s why the Golden Opportunities Fund is much more than just a pathway to the Golden Visa. It boasts an annualized return of 12.6% (net of all costs and charges) since its inception in 2021, and we forecast more growth as the Portuguese economy continues to grow steadily. 

At Optimize, we believe in transparency, mutual benefit, continuous development, meticulous analysis, and complete customer satisfaction. Our values have brought us massive success, and we aim to continue growing alongside our partners, investors, and stakeholders.

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*“Past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance. The value of the shares can increase or decrease depending on the risk level that varies between 1 (minimum risk) and 7 (maximum risk). The fund’s Prospectus and KIID are available on the commercializing entities. The returns mentioned are net of management and deposit fees, audit costs and supervisory fee. The figures disclosed imply the taxation borne by the collective investment undertaking and the eventual payment of capital gains tax are investors responsibility. Investing in the collective investment undertaking may result in the loss of invested capital. The disclosed annualized performance measures, calculated based on a period exceeding one year, would only be obtained if the investment was made during the entire reference period. The returns of the 2024 period is until 27-05-2024.”