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Globevisa Group
IMI Official Partner

Established in 2002, Globevisa Group stands as one of Asia’s premier multinational immigration consulting firms, with over 40 branches worldwide and its headquarters based in Singapore. With 22 years of dedicated service in immigration consultancy, Globevisa has catered to clients from 100+ countries or regions across Asia, Europe, Oceania, and North America, offering over 300 programs with multi-program mechanisms tailored to meet the diverse needs of over 100,000 families globally so far.

Our team of over 800 employees specializes in a wide array of immigration solutions, spanning comprehensive residency and citizenship by investment solutions, children’s education, overseas entrepreneurship, asset allocation, and business globalization.

Embracing an international outlook, we operate in Singapore, the UK, Greece, Portugal, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Turkey, UAE, and other global financial centers or client source markets, committed to delivering seamless global access and realizing relocation dreams to clients worldwide. Currently, we are actively seeking Top Sales who are immigration industry enthusiasts, well-versed in local markets, and capable of client acquisition, to join our esteemed team!

Reflecting on our international expansion journey, we initiated our efforts in 2012 by establishing our first overseas office in Toronto, Canada. However, recognizing the importance of local expertise, we transitioned to a partnership model. This strategy has proven highly successful, with partner firms in Dubai, Istanbul, Hong Kong, Vietnam, India, Cambodia, and Australia operating smoothly.

Our partnership model empowers local leaders to spearhead marketing, client acquisition, and sales initiatives while our headquarters provides comprehensive support, including pre-sales assistance, legal services, and after-sales support. Profits are shared according to agreed-upon terms, with newly joined partners receiving substantial support.

There are no franchise fees associated with using the Globevisa brand, and partners only share local operational expenses.

Testimonials from current partners highlight the value of Globevisa's global brand, extensive experience, and unwavering support:

Mesut Guney, Partner in Istanbul, Turkey, former Chief Counsel of a large media holding company

"First, I want new challenges and new experiences. Second, I believe in Globevisa. I recognize one of Henry’s insights when he says that a firm needs to offer its clients a wide range of options and local offices. Global service with local knowledge. I built the Turkish office so clients can get to me quickly with whatever questions they have. I do all the things by myself and pinch every penny. I picked up the used furniture and decorated the office by myself. The 20 Greek property buyers are all Turkish and they trust me because I am in Turkey. I know the Turkish market and what they want; I can show up anytime as long as they need me. Of course, any information and support I need Globevisa can provide me instantly, having your back is the cornerstone of our collaboration."

Irina Kush, Partner in Dubai, investment property entrepreneur and top salesperson in the immigration industry:

"First and foremost, Globevisa is one of the oldest and largest players in the immigration industry. They have a remarkable track record of success and boast a global presence with multinational offices across the world, totaling 39 offices. Their ability to adapt to changing circumstances and their outstanding team are awe-inspiring. I saw this as an excellent opportunity for us to collaborate with Globevisa as intermediaries, establish our presence in a new market, and achieve great success."

Jeetu Gursahani, Partner in Mumbai, India, former Deputy Director of a prominent immigration company in India:

"Partnering with Globevisa, the world’s largest immigration firm serving more than 10,000 families yearly, is a great opportunity. This collaboration demonstrates our commitment to unlocking India’s growth and offering a clear path to global opportunities. Globevisa, with 39 global offices and a team exceeding 800 staff, showcases extensive two-decade-long experience that solidifies their expertise. This strategic partnership empowers me to efficiently leverage Globevisa’s strong brand, expansive network, and dedicated team to meet the growing demand in the Indian market. Globevisa’s numerous success stories from clients worldwide serve as powerful testimonials. In essence, this partnership, backed by Globevisa’s impressive numbers and our shared vision, goes beyond mere residency/citizenship processing; it’s about making dreams happen, supported by a global network of satisfied clients.”

Lily Li, Partner in Australia, Licensed Migration Lawyer:

"Globevisa has an excellent reputation and irreplaceable influence within the industry. With a decade of experience in the immigration field, I understand that immigration is a significant decision for individuals and families that requires specialized knowledge and team support. As the leading company in the industry, Globevisa provides a platform for me to offer diverse consulting services and solutions to our clients worldwide, including EB5, Greece Golden Visa, Portugal Golden Visa, Spain Golden Visa, Caribbean CBI programs, and more. I am excited to utilize my industry experience and leadership abilities to contribute to the company’s growth and expansion.”

Expectations for Global Partners/Professional Managers:

  • Legitimate local overseas identity
  • Minimum 5 years of top sales experience serving high-net-worth clients
  • Ability to acquire local clients, fluency in local language and culture
  • Commitment to cultivating the local immigration service market
  • Sharp insight and adaptability in the international immigration market
  • Long-term, compliance-oriented mindset

Support Provided by Globevisa:

  • Superior overseas cooperation equity schemes or competitive compensation
  • Comprehensive business support, including sales, projects, training, and ERP technology
  • Access to a diverse portfolio of over 300 immigration projects across 40 countries
  • First-class legal and reception services, along with cross-time-zone support from our global team
  • Joining the esteemed Globevisa brand, with 22 years of industry experience and global recognition

Preferred Recruitment Regions:

  • North America: Canada (Toronto), United States (California, New York)
  • Asia: Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, China
  • Africa: Nigeria, Egypt, South Africa
  • South America: Brazil, Chile, Argentina

Remuneration Package: Negotiable

How to Apply: Interested candidates are encouraged to prepare their resumes and contact Shanshan Fan, International Human Resources and Business Development Manager at shanshanfan@globevisa.com.

Join us at Globevisa, and together, let's build a future of unparalleled success!