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Americans Rush to Get Montenegrin Citizenship as Deadline Looms

Porto Montenegro

As the final hour of the Montenegrin citizenship by investment program approaches, more investors are flocking to the south of the nation to purchase a hotel-managed residence and invest in the new development within Porto Montenegro, a move that will qualify them for citizenship.

The Montenegrin citizenship by investment program has seemingly become one of the most popular globally, which comes as no surprise to anyone associated with it. The benefits of becoming a full-fledged Montenegrin – along with the attractive investment options on offer in Boka Place within Porto Montenegro – make it the complete package. It is a shame, then, that the program is about to close just as it is really taking off, with just three months left to obtain a Montenegrin passport.

The COVID pandemic has hindered the Montenegrin citizenship by investment program, as it did with many other residency and citizenship by investment programs (this has also been seen with Greece’s golden visa), but the difference is that the program on offer in Montenegro was still getting the global traction it warranted.

Fast forward a year, and investors from all around the globe are seeing the many benefits of purchasing a residence in Boka Place. The project, located in Porto Montenegro, boasts an outstanding design, great projected returns, a unique luxury lifestyle, and endless activities, which makes it the perfect investment opportunity. Add to that a Montenegro passport, and it becomes an opportunity too good to pass up.

Nearly 65% of all hotel-managed units in Boka Place are in different stages of the sales cycle, and the inquiries for the property units in Porto Montenegro have increased a staggering 120% during 2021. The number of units sold during this year has grown exponentially when compared to the same period in 2019, a testament to how valuable the Montenegrin passport – along with a fruitful investment – is to global investors.

While the pandemic has somewhat hindered the program, it has opened the eyes of the world’s elite to the shortcomings of their contingency plans, leading them to look for better Plans B. As the standard of living in Montenegro is one of the best within the citizenship by investment scope, it presented itself as too good of an opportunity to pass up. What is more interesting is the source nations of the investors who are buying units at Boka Place.

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A diverse group of investors

The overwhelming plurality of prospective clients (40%) in Boka Place are from the USA, highlighting the heightened awareness of the need for citizenship by investment in the region. Other nationalities buying units come from CIS countries, South Africa, India, the MENA, and Pakistan, all adding to the wonderful diversity within Porto Montenegro’s community, which currently numbers more than 45 different nationalities.

The gem hiding behind the passport

But it isn’t just about the passport, as a large portion of investors are not just purchasing units within the required threshold for the citizenship by investment program, but are going above it to ensure they own a respectable share of Boka Place going forward. This is another testament to the unique nature of this type of citizenship by investment.

When it comes to these types of programs, the investment is usually a means to an end. However, at Boka Place, Montenegrin citizenship by investment is a by-product of an amazing investment opportunity, one that will continue to gain traction in the upper echelons of society long after the program is suspended.

It is only the time constraints of the citizenship by investment program that have made the passport overshadow the investment opportunity. However, our clients are in for a pleasant surprise when they see the vision behind Boka Place in all its glory, as it gives them a glance for a future life oozing with luxury, calmness, and exclusivity.

There are just three months left to obtain Montenegrin citizenship, but if we look at the matter from a different perspective, while taking into consideration the recent increase in demand, it is only a matter of months until the entirety of Boka Place hotel-managed residences is sold out. Acquiring a Montenegrin passport needs quick consideration, but obtaining it through an investment that actually counts requires swift action.

To know more about Boka Place and the Montenegrin citizenship by investment program, all you need to do is contact us today for a free and comprehensive consultation. Begin your Porto Montenegro journey today by contacting our team at or visit our websites for information about Montenegro’s citizenship and for the overall development information.

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