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A Unique Opportunity to Invest in Project Hartman and Enjoy the Benefits of Grenada’s CBI

Hartman Group

Hartman Project is a comprehensive development project in Grenada, comprised of Hartman University Town and Hartman Resort. 

Located on Grenada’s southern coastline, the Project is surrounded by picturesque mountain views, the Hartman Projects, and a panoramic ocean view. It is only a 10-minute drive from the world-famous St. George’s University. 

Since its launch, Hartman Project has attracted global investors with its unique strengths and advantages.

Investors have the unique opportunity to obtain Grenadian citizenship while investing in a luxurious property and simultaneously gain a stable return on investment.              

With the tightening of global immigration policies, four of the five Caribbean countries have signed an MOU and agreed to harmonize their programs and raise investment thresholds to $200,000 from 30th June 2024. In the meantime, for the real estate option of US$220,000, it is predicted that the price modification might also be accompanied by the above-mentioned price increase. 

Hartman Group, as the subsidiary of Realord Holding Group Limited, aims to provide various choices to meet different requirements of potential investors. 

Benefiting from the location advantage, Hartman strives to create a distinctive project that will yield solid rental yields from smooth property operation. 

  • The investor can sell the unit to the next qualified CBI applicant after the mandated holding period of 5 years at the minimum investment price required by IMA. The original investor will be entitled to retain citizenship of Grenada. and
  • Hartman will provide property manager services to the investors upon their request to manage the unit and distribute the annual net income after the deduction of operation cost and management fees based on the actual operation; or
  • If an investor purchases the specified unit, which will be rented back by Hartman for operation or self-use, a fixed annual rent will be granted; or

  • After the mandated holding period of 5 years, Hartman will buyback the unit at the initial investment amount of USD 220,000 other than the Government-mandated fees and costs.
  • An extra guaranteed return will be offered if the investor holds the units for two more years after the maturity date of the mandated 5-year holding period. 

Please contact our business representatives by email at info@hartmanresort.com or call: +852 37002367 for details.

Fees & Costs of Investment: 

  • Minimum Investment (for Shared Ownership): US$220,000
  • Government Contribution Fees for a family of four: US$50,000
  • Other Government fees (Due Diligence fees, processing fees, Application fees, and interview fees)     

    • per person aged 17 and over US$9,000
    • per person under 17: US$2,000          

[The above fees and costs are subject to change according to the regulation stipulated by Grenada IMA. In addition, bank charges, legal fees, service fees, and taxes are not included in the above, which may vary depending on the application details.]

Benefit of Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment 

  • Commonwealth citizenship for four generations
  • Visa-free access to over 140 countries, including UK, EU and Russia (180 days), Schengen (90 days), China, Hong Kong, Singapore etc. Ability to live, work and settle in any other member of the CARICOM countries.
  • Foreign-sourced income is exempted from tax. No tax on wealth, gift, capital gain and inheritance.
  • Education planning opportunities
  • A route for investors to apply for the USA E-2 Visa.

Simple & Efficient 

  • No landing or residency requirement
  • No language, education, or working experience requirements.
  • Simple and fast application; 4-6 months processing

Showroom Building: The main showroom building structure of the approved projects has been erected. The futuristic full stained-glass windows, when installed, will highlight the aesthetically modern building.  

Building WAT-K: The WAT-K building has been erected and has entered the installation stage of doors and windows and interior fixtures and fittings.

Please contact our business representatives by email at info@hartmanresort.com or call: +852 37002367 for details.