Podcast: The Best Citizenships in Latin America

In this episode of the Mobility Standard, IMI hosted the men behind two prominent X accounts in the global citizenship space: Bowtied Mara and My Latin Life. We discussed:

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  • The fastest paths to citizenship in Latin America (and, by extension, the world)
  • The relative strategic advantages of the various Latin American citizenships
  • Whether there’s a physical presence requirement for naturalization in Paraguay
  • Naturalizing in Argentina without becoming a tax resident
  • The best countries for birth tourism in Latin America
  • Whether the number of Westerners moving to Latin America is as big as it seems on social media
  • How likely Latin American countries are to tighten their naturalization policies in response to growing demand
  • Whether you can renounce Argentine citizenship and, if you can’t, whether that’s an issue
  • Will Argentina remain stable for long enough to get through the shock therapy?

Listen to the full episode in the player below or search for “IMI Podcasts” on Spotify and most other podcast platforms.