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Q1 CBI Agents Update: 13 New Licensees, 10 Removals, Further Blacklistings in the Caribbean

The global number of accredited CBI agents has remained virtually unchanged in the first quarter of the year, falling from 356 to 353 since December. The small difference in numbers, however, masks some significant changes in the composition of each program’s agent roster: 13 agents either lost or did not renew their licenses during the period, while 10 new licenses were issued.

No changes to the accredited agent rosters were observed among the citizenship by investment programs of Antigua & Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, or Montenegro. Saint Lucia's list of licensed agents shrank by three names and that of Malta by five. Saint Kitts & Nevis' list expanded by three names and that of Vanuatu by two.

Remember that you can always see which agents are licensed and which are blacklisted on our permanent Approved CBI Agents Page.

Saint Lucia CIP changes

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The Saint Lucia CIU did not approve any new licenses during the period. Three agents, meanwhile, are no longer listed as licensees:

  • Sterling Global Citizenship Advisory
  • Unique Capital
  • Global Footsteps

Malta PRP/MEIN changes

The Community Malta Agency issued new licenses to four individuals:

  • Dr Robert Attard of Ernst & Young
  • Dr. Gianella Farrugia of Henley & Partners
  • Dr. Michael Psaila of Mamo TCV Consultancy Ltd.
  • Ms. Graziella Vella Marquet of Sovereign Services Ltd.

Nine individuals, meanwhile, are no longer listed as licensees:

  • Dr Andrew Ellul of Lex Group Ltd
  • Ms Tracy Falzon of Henley & Partners Malta Ltd
  • Mr David Galea of Beat Limited
  • Dr Franco Galea of Sole Practitioner
  • Mr Pierre Galea Musu of UHY Business Advisory Services Ltd
  • Dr Jean Pie Gauci Maistre of Gauci-Maistre Xynou
  • Dr David Tonna of Mamo TCV Consultancy Ltd
  • Dr Kurt Vella of Sole Practitioner
  • Dr Diane Vella of Bianco Bonaci Antelope Services Ltd

Saint Kitts & Nevis CIP changes

The Saint Kitts & Nevis CIU did not terminate any licenses during the period but granted new licenses to three individuals:

  • Claxton-Whittaker & Associates
  • E Robelto Hector
  • Shabazz Johnson

Vanuatu DSP changes

Vanuatu's Citizenship Commission has de-listed Yumi Consultancy from its roster but added another three agents to it:

  • Sadaf Investment
  • Prime Blue Limited
  • Southwest Pacific Trading Ltd

Changes to blacklists:

  • Saint Kitts & Nevis: Vision Immigration Advisors are no longer blacklisted in Saint Kitts & Nevis. Shanghai Qiaoyi Private Entry-Exit Service Co. Ltd is now listed.

  • Dominica: Dina Sky Immigration Services, which already featured on Saint Kitts' blacklist, now also appears on the blacklist of Dominica's CIU.

  • Malta: Malta's blacklist now contains the name of only one company; Austria-based Invest Immigration. In our last review of CBI blacklists, Malta had three companies listed.

Saint Kitts & Nevis CIP blacklist Malta MEIN and PRP blacklist Dominica CIP blacklist
Alt Air Travel & Tourism Invest Immigration Unican Immigration
Alt Group Citizenship and Residency   Dina Sky Immigration Services
Bye Bye Group Citizenship and Residency    
Dina Sky Travel    
Dream Citizenship    
Dream Passports    
Illimite Migration    
Immigration Advisors    
Lady Travel    
Take Off Company-Travel Co.Ltd    
Buford Global    
Shanghai Qiaoyi Private Entry-Exit Service Co. Ltd    
Count: 12 Count: 1 Count: 2

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