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More Firms Blacklisted as Global Number of Accredited CBI Agents Remains Stable

In the year that has passed since last we provided a comprehensive overview, the total number of (locally) accredited citizenship by investment agents globally has barely budged, shrinking slightly from 369 in October 2022 to 364 today.

Montenegro’s CIP is now closed, pulling the global total downward by three accredited agents. The biggest change was observed in Saint Kitts & Nevis, which now has eight fewer agents than at the same time last year (all agents had to re-qualify following last year’s change in management). Malta added a net of six new agents for its MEIN policy (and MPRP), while Saint Lucia’s grew by a net of three. Vanuatu’s list of agents, remarkably, added one agent to its already long list, and lost none, despite no longer having Schengen access.

Antigua’s roster shrank by a net three names and Grenada’s by a net two, while no net change was observed in Dominica.

Detailed breakdown of changes

See the complete list of accredited agents for citizenship by investment programs here

Antigua & Barbuda CIP

No longer listed:

  • Mayadah Mansoor-Khouly
  • Kem Warner

Newly listed:

  • Mythsie Murphie

Net change: -1

Dominica CIP

No changes

Grenada CIP

Newly listed:

  • Mr. Arley Gill
  • Tri-Island Development Company Ltd

No longer listed:

  • GNDC Advisors
  • Efficient Solutions Ltd.
  • Naesha John & Co.
  • DCS Grenada Corp

Net change: -2


Newly listed:

  • Dal Advisory Ltd
  • Sole Practitioner
  • Sole Practitioner
  • Stonehage Fleming Malta Ltd
  • TACS Malta Services Ltd.
  • Sole Practitioner
  • Yakof Agius & Associates
  • Discus Holdings Ltd.
  • Sole Practitioner
  • Harbourex Ltd.

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No longer listed:

  • Dr. Desiree Cassar (sole practitioner)
  • Terra Nova Global Ltd.
  • Vassiliades & Co. (Malta) Ltd
  • Dr. Tiziana Micallef (sole practitioner)

Net change: +6

Saint Kitts & Nevis CIP

Newly listed:

  • Dover Corporate Services Ltd.
  • EC Holdings Ltd.
  • JHT Law Firm
  • O'Grenville S. H. Browne
  • Robin C. Guishard
  • Shawn Kenneth Richards
  • Shawna Lake
  • Tian Semona Arthurton

No longer listed:

  • Adrian Eustace Scantlebury
  • Bank of Nevis International Trust Services Inc.
  • Constance V. Mitcham (trading as Mitcham & Benjamin)
  • Dash & Associates
  • Dennis H. Merchant (trading as Merchant and Associates Law Firm)
  • E. Robelto Hector
  • Fortress Trust Ltd.
  • Jackie Hunkins-Taylor
  • Mahailia Johnson
  • Myrna Walwyn & Associates
  • Natasha S. Grey
  • Nevis International Trust Company Limited
  • Oral Martin
  • Robin Herbert-Thompson (trading as Law Office of HerbertThompson)
  • S. L. Services Ltd.
  • Sandra Maynard

Net change: -8

Saint Lucia CIP

Newly listed:

  • Bayat Migration & Citizenship Services Inc.
  • Global Migration and Investment Services
  • Sterling Global Citizenship Advisory Partners Inc.
  • Turquoise Citizenship Inc.
  • Zen Global Liberty

No longer listed:

  • Henley & Partners St. Lucia Inc.
  • Zevio Inc.

Net change: +3

Vanuatu DSP

Newly listed:

  • Global Citizen Office Ltd.

No longer listed:CompanyNo longer listed:


Net change: +1

Blacklist changes

The new administration in Saint Kitts & Nevis has evidently decided not to maintain a public blacklist any longer, removing a cloud of ignominy from above the eleven companies previously named. On the other hand, Saint Lucia's CIP now keeps a list, with four names on it so far. The official blacklists now state the following:

Dominica CIP Saint Lucia CIP Grenada CIP
Alt Group (Iraq) Europe Axis Immigration Services (UAE) Oleg Firer
Canadian Bureau (UAE) Canada Axis Immigration
Dina Sky Immigration Services (Iraq) Concordia Consultancies
Jefferson & York Businessmen Services (UAE) Marketing Services
Mina Yousefi Immigration Services (Iran)
Nationwide Middle East Properties LLC (UAE)
Unican (UAE)

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