Sneak Peek: Montenegro CIP’s Full List of Requirements, Procedures, and Prices


Montenegro’s new citizenship by investment program (CIP) will open for applications on January 1st. Investment Migration Insider has obtained a full-text copy of the government’s Decision containing, among other insights, the following:

  • The criteria for and cost of qualifying as a “Mediation Agents” (known elsewhere as licensed agents).
  • The criteria for qualifying as “International Eligibility Evaluators” (known elsewhere as due diligence partners).
  • The criteria for qualifying for citizenship by investment for applicants and dependents, along with timelines, procedures, and document checklists.
  • The detailed investment requirements according to type and geographic location within the country.
  • The detailed criteria for qualifying as a program-approved real estate development.
  • Stipulations on payment procedures, including escrow rules.

We note that the Decision appears to exclude dependents over the age of 18 from inclusion in citizenship applications.

Note: While the document is marked “proposal”, Montenegro’s Cabinet has already passed the draft Decision.

Download the full-text Decision PDF below:

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