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Singapore Investment & Immigration Report – From Juwai IQI, in Partnership with IMI

Consistently ranking as one of the world’s richest, safest, and most developed countries, Singapore has a global magnet for both investments and highly qualified immigrants. This new report, produced by Juwai IQI in cooperation with IMI, details the various immigration routes available to investors, entrepreneurs, and talented individuals.

The report further explores an array of investment asset classes on offer in the Lion City, with an emphasis on real estate, for which an exhaustive analysis of the property market, taxes, yields, price developments, and locations are included.

Additional coverage is devoted to helping prospective investors understand how the pandemic has influenced the property market in Singapore and the country’s economic trajectory.

You can find further information about the report, which is entirely free for IMI Club Members, below. If you’re not already an IMI Club member, you can easily sign up here.

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Singapore Investment & Immigration Report 2020

Juwai IQI, Asia’s biggest prop-tech group, has partnered with IMI Research to produce a special report on immigrating to and investing in Singapore.

What’s in the report

  • The “Switzerland of Europe”
    • Reasons for Singapore’s continuous need for immigrants;
    • Highly targeted immigration strategies;
    • Global Investor Program (GIP)
    • Entrepass
    • Foreign workforce numbers
    • Future of immigration to the “Little Red Dot”

  • 2021 Singapore real estate investment guide
    • How to buy in Singapore;
    • Critical steps in the buying process;
    • Taxes and fees;
    • Resident tax rates;
  • Q&A with market experts
    • Impacts of the coronavirus on the housing market;
    • Rental yields;
    • Challenges and opportunities after the pandemic;
    • Transaction volume and price range of foreign buyers

  • Winds of change: Migration plans based on tax planning and wealth inheritance

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