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See the Full List of Firms That Applied for Accreditation in Montenegro CIP

Yesterday, we reported that Montenegro’s Secretariat for Development Projects told local press they had received more than 30 applications for intermediary status with the new Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Programme. But a list shared with IMI by attendants at the public meeting shows only 22 firms.

In a photo taken during yesterday’s public opening in Montenegro, the names of the 22 companies – along with their place of origin and the date on which they submitted their applications – appear on a list that included a variety of cryptic, handwritten notes.

Update: We’ve been asked to remove the photo originally posted due to the sensitive nature of the handwritten notes. We have, however, obtained permission to reproduce the list (less the notes).

Application number
(in order of submission)
Company Name Company Home Base
1 I.I.I. Immigrant Integration & Invest Gmbh Austria
2 “Clientreferrals” Canada
3 Bright International NY, USA
4 Globevisa Investment Cons China
5 Kylin Prime D.O.O Croatia
6 United International Group Ltd China
7 Yenibirhλyλt Terranova Company Turkey
8 Artemon DOO Podgorica
9 Apex Capital Partners Podgorica
10 Arton Group GmbH Austria
11 Vip Residency DOO Podgorica
12 Coates Global Ltd London
13 ICEPWORLD Ltd. London
14 RIF Trust Dubai
15 Advokat Pantovic P. Ratko Tivat
16 Chetcuti Cauchi Advisors Ltd. Malta
17 Henley & Partners Government Services Ltd. Jersey
18 DOO Dori Digital KFT Madarska
19 Citizenship by Investment Professionals Ltd. Hong Kong
20 Shanghai Overseas Chinese Exit-Entry Service Co. Ltd. China
21 Global Information Consulting Group Ltd. Malta
22 (illegible) Dubai

Listed are many of the names you’d expect – Henley & Partners, Arton, Chetcuti Cauchi, and Apex Capital – as well as other large RCBI-firms like Kylin Prime, Coates, and RIF Trust (and by extension, presumably, Latitude).

Of note is the unprecedented appearance of several Chinese companies appear on the roster; Globe Visa, United International Group, as well as Kevin Mao’s Shanghai Overseas, the firm that was part of the original consortium competing last year to obtain a concession to design and implement Montenegro’s program (a tender the government ultimately withdrew).

The procedure of opening and going through the applications yesterday reportedly began around nine in the morning and was not complete until 3 AM.

“The government should actually be proud of the openness and transparency with which they handled this application process. This kind of transparency has never happened in a CIP public tender process, ever. The criteria for determining who is eligible are somewhat complicated, but the government is actually doing the right thing,” said Laszlo Kiss, head of investment migration advisory Discus Holdings, who has partnered with another firm on the above list to apply for a license in Montenegro.

The Montenegrin government has said it will decide on which firms to award the license within 30 days.

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