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IMI Professionals and IMI Program Finder: Set Up Your Profile and Get Direct Leads From IMI

Today, we’re soft-launching two new features:

  • IMI Professionals
    A special section in IMI where prospective investment migration clients can find trusted and experienced professionals for help with any migration program.
  • IMI Program Finder
    A useful tool you can use to sort through IMI’s continuously growing selection of programs using custom filters.

Both features are new and relatively untested, so we welcome feedback.

IMI Professionals

On the IMI Professionals page, prospective clients and partners can find specialists based on the specific investment migration program they’d like help with. For example, if you’re looking for a specialist to help with the Canada Startup Visa, simply select the program from the dropdown menu, and you’ll see which IMI Professionals can help with that program.

Alternatively, you can visit the program’s dedicated Program Page to see which IMI Professionals are listed as being able to help with that particular program.

Once you’ve found the right IMI Professional, you can get in touch directly through the contact form on his or her profile page in IMI. Each profile also lists a brief bio about the IMI Professional, showcases the programs with which the particular professional can help, and provides link to the professional’s company website and Linkedin profile.

Benefits of having an IMI Professional profile

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  • Make it easy for prospective clients or partners to discover and contact you through IMI
  • Get high-authority backlinks from IMI to your company’s website and your personal Linkedin profile
  • Get a public endorsement from IMI as a recognized IMI Professional

How to get an IMI Professional profile

So far, we’ve only set up the initial ten profile pages for a small group of initial IMI Professionals. Over the next several weeks, we will make dedicated profile pages for dozens more IMI Professionals. IMI Professional profiles are available to all IMI Pro and IMI Executive members. To set up your IMI Professional profile, all you have to do is send the following to alexandra@imidaily.com:

  • A list of the migration programs (as they appear on our Program Pages) for which you can provide services
  • A list of the languages in which you provide service
  • Your contact email
  • Your Linkedin profile URL
  • Your company’s website URL
  • Your preferred profile picture

IMI Program Finder

In conjunction with IMI Professionals, we’re also introducing a new tool called the IMI Program Finder. With this tool, you can browse and sort through our entire collection of program pages by applying multiple filters, such as

  • Whether the programs require an investment
  • If they do, which types of investment are available
  • What the minimum investment or donation amount is, if any
  • Whether the program leads to permanent residency or citizenship, and within which timeframe
  • Whether the program grants travel and settlement rights in Schengen
  • Whether the program is in a low country jurisdiction, one where English is widely spoken, and with a high degree of safety, and other attributes.

Once you’ve narrowed your selection of programs down with IMI Program Finder, you can simply click the button next to it that says “Find a Program Specialist”, which will take you to a list of IMI Professionals that can help with that program.

Like IMI Professionals, the Program Finder is new and largely untested, so please don’t hesitate to suggest improvements, corrections, or new features.

Try our new features now using the links below: