MSR Files RICO Suit Against Khan, Emmanuel, Harris, Galaxy in US, Publishes Whatsapp Screenshots

Some six months after he first revealed his intention to take multiple Caribbean CBI stakeholders (public as well as private sector) to court over what he has characterized as an international scam, movie producer Philippe Martinez’ company MSR Media has taken significant legal actions in the United States.

In a press release issued last night, MSR Media reveals it has filed, in US federal court, a RICO suit against:

  • Les Kahn – former head of the Saint Kitts & Nevis CIU, now CEO of Caribbean Galaxy
  • McClaude Emmanuel – current CEO of the Saint Lucia CIU
  • Ying Jin of Caribbean Galaxy – proprietor of Caribbean Galaxy
  • Denzil Douglas – former Saint Kitts & Nevis Prime Minister and current Foreign Affairs Minister
  • Timothy Harris – former Saint Kitts & Nevis Prime Minister
  • Faron Lawrence – Kittitian real estate developer
  • Caribbean Galaxy – a controversial Caribbean CBI developer
  • “and others”

RICO (Racketeer-Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) suits are typically brought against mafia-like organizations, indicating MSR Media sees Galaxy, the former government of Saint Kitts & Nevis, as well as the current CIU in Saint Lucia as engaged in a collusive racket.

MSR has further filed a claim for judicial review in the Kittitian High Court to seek a mandamus that would oblige the Prime Minister “to revoke all citizenships granted to applicants under the Galaxy Jail who paid less than the legal price.”

Read the 132-page court filing here.

Claims Galaxy received kickbacks from prison project applicant due diligence provider

MSR Media claims to be in possession of materials that “clearly demonstrate that the Chinese company commissioned by Caribbean Galaxy, with the sanction of the Harris Administration, to carry out the due diligence of applicants under the Prison Project, paid a percentage of the fees it received back to Ying Jin of Caribbean Galaxy. This corroborates the concerns surrounding the integrity of the due diligence procedures and the consequent national security threats posed to other countries.”

The company also alleges that certain Chinese nationals involved in large-scale money laundering had obtained citizenship in Saint Kitts (by implication through the prison project) using a false identity.

Upon receiving this information, according to the statement, MSR Media “notified Prime Minister Drew and Attorney General Wilkin […] and recommended that the government immediately retain a reputable international due diligence company to review all individuals previously vetted by the due diligence firm imposed by Caribbean Galaxy.” These notifications went unanswered.

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The company further declared its disappointment with what it called “the complete lack of any action by the Government of St.Kitts and Nevis, to take steps, whether by the commencement of criminal investigations or otherwise, to hold to account those, including senior officials in the past and present administrations, who benefited financially from their participation in the fraudulent underselling scheme of this US$1 billion fraud.”

Whatsapp screenshots

The press release also contains a number of screenshots from what appears to be Whatsapp conversations between Dwyer Astaphan (a former Kittitian government minister known for his outspoken opposition to CBI discounting schemes and the controversial prison project in particular) and Attorney General Wilkin, which would indicate that the AG was fully aware that Galaxy and the government were not only selling shares in the prison project at rates well below the official thresholds but also engaged in fraud and corruption.

The AG of Saint Kitts & Nevis wrote that former PM Timothy Harris likely received $10-15 million in kickbacks from Galaxy from the $60 million he estimates the developer raised for the construction of what he refers to as “Tim’s prison” and that Les Khan probably received $5 million.

All developers were underselling,” said the AG, adding that “one admitted he received 50k on 200k [worth of] shares.”

The scheme, intimated the AG, “allowed SKN to see revenues it never could have imagined” but that it had resulted in no “proportional infrastructural growth. Tim [ex-PM Harris] saw it as a way to hide the incompetence of his colleagues and enrich his family.”

Astaphan, who in the text exchange questioned why – if the AG was fully apprised of events – had not prosecuted Galaxy and Les Khan, shared screenshots of the conversation with Martinez on August 13th last year. Two days later, Martinez forwarded these same screenshots to the current Prime Minister of Saint Kitts & Nevis, Dr. Terrance Drew.

MSR has previously said it has obtained banking records that it plans to introduce in US courts, such as “financial data from the US and international financial systems, including evidence of transactions benefiting government officials related to the CBI industry.”

In a separate but relevant story, multiple sources present at an industry event in Grenada yesterday confirm that Dominica’s Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit announced he had put in place legislation that would see anyone found to have obtained citizenship by investment in that country for anything less than the officially permitted minimums have their citizenships revoked.

Also Grenada’s citizenship by investment authorities have gone on record saying they would revoke the citizenships of applicants found to have underpaid. See: Buyers of Illegally Discounted CBI Real Estate Could Lose Citizenship.

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