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Grenada to Produce List of Diplomatic Passport-Holders

Following a series of unsubstantiated claims of the sale of diplomatic passports, Grenada’s Minister of International Business, Nickolas Steele, has announced that a public list of diplomatic passport-holders is forthcoming.

During a press briefing yesterday, Steele categorically stated that there is no selling of diplomatic passports in Grenada and that the government was committed to transparency.

Nickolas Steele

“We intend, very shortly, to produce publicly a list of all holders of diplomatic passports, the reason for [their being diplomats] and the title that they hold […] as has been asked by the Houses of Parliament. We intend to fulfill that request, to make it as transparent as possible to the Grenadian people, and the world at large”

Grenada would be the second CIP-country to name its diplomats after Antigua & Barbuda, who published a comprehensive record in July this year, a list that included a number of surprises and raised eyebrows in some quarters.


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A previous version of this article indicated that the names of CIP-citizens would be made available to the general public, based on Minister Steele’s statement saying that, in addition to the list of diplomats, they would be “producing a list of all individuals who have to date received a passport or a citizenship through our Citizenship by Investment Programme”. The government has since clarified and emphasized that this list will only be made available to Parliament. It is Investment Migration Insider’s understanding that the list of diplomatic passport-holders, however, will be available to the general public.

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