Why Lourinhã Offers Family-Oriented Golden Visa Applicants the Best Investment Option


According to IMI, the pandemic has slightly affected total Portuguese Golden Visa investments in 2020, although the statistics from 2016-2019 proved that Portugal has been a top destination for families seeking a safe haven.

Why has Portugal consistently attracted Golden Visa investors every year? According to the Institute for Economics and Peace, the Global Peace Index 2020 ranked Portugal the third-safest country worldwide and the safest friendliest country in the European Union. In 2019, the Political Stability and Absence of Violence/Terrorism Percentile Rank in Portugal was reported at 90.95%.

In the past four years, alternative investment options have seen tremendous growth. Last year, more than one in four applicants chose the EUR 350,000 investment in rehabilitation projects. Cumulatively since the program’s beginning, the share of applicants investing in renovation-property now stands at 8%.

Despite the recent increase in popularity of some of the other investment options, the fact is since 2012, 86% of people who invested in the Portuguese Golden Visa have chosen the EUR 500,000 real estate option. Today, savvy investors are searching for the best investment value and return on their money in the competitive Golden Visa program market. Now, there is an excellent investment opportunity to seriously consider the conventional EUR 500,000 investment option in the beautiful coastal town of Lourinhã. 

The 8 Waves Silver Coast project in Lourinhã is extremely attractive with a competitive pricing strategy allowing investors to purchase any two residential condominiums or storefront units for a minimum of EUR 500,000. With the lower cost of living in smaller towns, real estate prices are much more affordable compared to Lisbon. In 2020, the typical purchase price of a city center apartment (120 square meters) in Lisbon was EUR 300,000, or about EUR 2,500 per square meter. The average monthly rent was EUR 1,578 and rental yields were estimated at 5.45%.

In Lourinhã’s Silver Coast area, on the other hand, a three-bedroom detached villa (224 sq.m.) with an outdoor pool (854 sq.m. lot) was selling for only EUR 265,000, which is EUR 1,183 per square meter. Monthly rent was EUR 914 and rental yields were estimated at 4.35%. Property prices on the Silver Coast are typically as much as 30% lower than in the Algarve, widely considered the most desirable destination in Europe for expatriates and locals.

Lourinhã is among the northernmost municipalities surrounding the Greater Lisbon area. It offers the enjoyment of the Atlantic ocean, fascinating prehistoric fossils, and picturesque countryside landscapes. This desirable coastal town prides itself on being the site of incredible dinosaur findings from the late Jurassic period, earning it a nickname as the Portuguese Capital of Dinosaurs. Dino Parque is the largest open-air museum and theme park in Portugal and a great day out for families but also for anyone interested in learning about this part of Portugal.

Dino Parque

In the summer of 2019, Dino Parque received half a million visitors, an estimated 120,000 of whom were students of all ages from schools throughout Portugal. Since 2019, the pedagogical value of Dino Parque was recognized as regular school study tours for students to take advantage of the paleontological experience and learning true insight into countless incredible creatures from over 400 million years ago.

The 8 Waves Silver Coast project is extremely attractive to larger families of both spouses. Since one Golden Visa application may include the main investor’s spouse or legal partner, children under 18 years of age, dependent children under 26 years of age who are single or enrolled as full-time students, parents of either spouse over 66 years old or 55 years old and dependent, and siblings under 18 years old from either spouse or partner if legally responsible, a single property might prove too limited to allow all family members to live comfortably together! Therefore, the conventional EUR 500,000 investment option through the 8 Waves Silver Coast project allows investors to purchase any two residential condominiums for all the family members to live comfortably together in the same or adjacent building.

Based on the number of Golden Visas issued, the number of dependents in the 2015-2020 period is nearly double that of main applicants. In a Lourinhã property, you will appreciate the lower cost of living, slower quality lifestyle, and the valuable historical-cultural heritage will give you a unique perspective on Portugal.

Founded in 1984 by the Ethnography and Archeology groups of Lourinhã, the Lourinhã Museum is located directly in the center of the town. There is an interpretation area dedicated to natural history in the study of paleontology, geology, archeology, anthropology, and a different area with the largest ethnographic heritage of the Western Region which is a valuable heritage of national and regional culture.

Lourinhã is well known for its Silver Coastline with an area of nearly 150 square kilometers and a population of approximately 26,000. For families and surfers, Lourinhã boasts twelve kilometers of Silver Coastline with many beautiful beaches, such as Areia Branca, Areal, and Caniçal, all of which are ideal for peaceful and romantic seaside walks.

Areia Branca beach

In other words, many properties enjoy stunning sea views, which is the reason Lourinhã is one of the most desirable locations for expatriates and locals to capitalize on very affordable real estate. Moreover, Lourinhã’s Silver Coastline is where expatriates and locals can take in the natural beauty of the Western European coast. However, Lourinhã is also quite a rural municipality, so you can expect spacious country homes with attractive green landscapes.

The 8 Waves Silver Coast project is a new construction featuring 93 residential condominiums, which include 43 premium and 50 standard units, and 9 commercial storefronts including parking. Our local architect team and strategic partners received a great deal of support from the mayor and the head of urban planning at the Municipality of Lourinhã to approve a list of added value such as indoor and outdoor swimming pools, gym facilities, rooftop barbecue stations with large bench seating and tables, and a rooftop glass structure for indoor events.

The 8 Waves Silver Coast project

Moreover, the architect team received approval to reduce the commercial storefront space, which brought about the redesigning of 43 premium units available with second-floor space and extra-large terraces. Above all, the greatest support received from the mayor and head of urban planning was the approval of a wider road including a roundabout for more convenient access to the 8 Waves Silver Coast project.

On the Residence page of our website, Golden Visa investors may select any two units from the residence portfolio of premium, standard, or storefronts totaling the minimum EUR 500,000 investment. To further take advantage of the affordable pricing strategy, we are offering a special 16% discount until March 2021 for the first eight Golden Visa investors who qualify.

With the choice of any two units, Golden Visa investors may have more options for generating income. For instance, the main investor and dependents can live in a three-or-four bedroom unit and rent out a one-or-two bedroom unit. For small business owners, the main investor and dependents can live in a three-or-four bedroom condo and open a business in a storefront for all residents to benefit from. 

Due to the unique shape of the two buildings, there are too many floor plans to display on the website. Therefore, please complete the Invest in Golden Visa form on the website to inquire about the various floor plans. The strategic partners in this project possess decades of professional experience in the industry. Our team has a reliable track record and has delivered a large number of successful projects since the inception of the Golden Visa program. 

According to the world’s largest investment migration consultancy, Henley & Partners, China and Kenya experienced a growth of 116% in inquiries for citizenship by investment in the past year. Based on the chart of main applicants by month and provenance, the category of “others” increased substantially from May 2020 suggesting also the USA and Brazil. According to IMI, the top five Golden Visa applicant nationalities in 2020 were the Chinese (296), Brazilians (126), Americans (75), South Africans (74), and Turks (72). In other words, the 8 Waves Silver Coast project is available to help meet this monthly demand of investors in the desirable coastal town of Lourinhã offering excellent investment and family value with a competitive pricing strategy in an affordable real estate market.

Lourinhã is also known for its prestigious brandy production, as the only region in Portugal demarcated for brandy, and one of only three regions in Europe. Connoisseurs will be pleased to know that the quality of Lourinhã DOC is considered second only to France’s Cognac and Armagnac.

In addition to a rich historical heritage, the inviting beaches extend all along the Silver Coast where the sun shines hot and bright throughout the year, encouraging the practice of adventurous water sports such as surfing, jet skiing, underwater photography, and underwater fishing. Nature offers tourists and residents peaceful and relaxing vacations. In Lourinhã, you can establish a direct contact with nature and enjoy various leisure activities with your family such as mini golf, go carting, tennis, mountain biking, hunting, horseback riding, or simply read books and rest. 

Lourinhã is a relaxed part of Portugal that does not take long to fall in love with. The 8 Waves Silver Coast project awaits you to capitalize on the special offer while still available!

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