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Turkey Closer Than Ever to Visa-Free Deal With Europe Following Unilateral Liberalization

In December 2013, it was agreed – and criteria were drawn up – to implement a visa liberalization program to allow Turkish citizens visa-free travel to the Schengen zone. At the end of 2019, Turkey’s president expressed his wish to help to finalize this process, as Turkey feels that it has met all the criteria laid out by the EU.

On Thursday, the Turkish Foreign Ministry opened its doors and showed goodwill for what will surely be a reciprocal agreement to grant visa-free travel to six more European countries; Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, and the UK.

For tourism purposes, from March 2nd, 2020, citizens of these countries will join the ranks of those of Germany, France, Italy, Finland, Switzerland, and Sweden who already enjoy visa-free, multiple-entry travel to Turkey for 90 days in any 180-day period.

This step was taken to improve tourism, trade, and cultural relations between Turkey, the EU, and the UK but must also be looked at as another step closer to the visa liberalization agreement with the EU, allowing Turkish citizens visa-free travel within Schengen.

Whichever way you look at it, it can only be viewed as a step in the right direction for all counties concerned. It will certainly increase an already booming tourism sector but will also amplify trade and commerce.

On this note, we here at Citizenship by Investment Turkey have for many years been studying and tracking developments of Turkey’s bid to secure visa-free travel for its citizens and we would say they have never been closer and there is a willingness on both sides to compromise and make this happen.

Of course, anyone thinking of applying for Turkish citizenship should do so without delay as things will almost certainly change after the implementation of visa-free travel.

Also, and as reported by Turkey investment property, real estate prices are on the rise so the availability of US$250,000 investment-grade units will get more difficult. 

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