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Secret Bay: Annual Report, New Offering Unveiled, 15 Villas Under Construction, Phase 4 Launch Imminent

The Residences at Secret Bay
IMI Official Partner

This month, The Residences at Secret Bay, Dominica’s crown jewel development and only six-star, all-villa resort, released its 2022 annual report. It was a monumental year for The Residences, including celebrating the resort’s 10-year anniversary, surpassing $1,000,000 ROI payout to shareholders, and demonstrating year-over-year increases in investor growth, villa growth, and resort occupancies.

One of the most significant measures taken by The Residences was releasing year-over-year results between the fourth quarter of 2019 through the second quarter of 2022. During this period, The Residences at Secret Bay reported outperforming expectations related to CBI investor growth, return on investment payout, total sales, ADR, occupancy rate, and resort employee growth. Additionally, the team delivered on-schedule new villas and amenities.

Further, in a reaffirmation of its commitment to full compliance, Secret Bay published its declaration of compliance with respect to Dominica’s Citizenship By Investment (CBI) laws regarding the real estate path to second citizenship. The statement outlines the policy and purpose of The Residences at Secret Bay to ensure full compliance with the related laws, regulations and policies that govern the industry. Read the full compliance statement for The Residences at Secret Bay here.

In November 2022, Secret Bay held its annual partner and shareholder summit in Dubai. Secret Bay reinforced its position as a global leader in Citizenship by Investment (CBI) projects by presenting the results of its investor survey.

The survey revealed that over 90% of Secret Bay’s CBI Investors have an interest in retaining shares and would recommend the program to others. Dominica’s Prime Minister, Honourable Dr. Roosevelt Skerrit, praised the integrity of the Secret Bay team and their commitment to transparency and accountability.

To receive the full survey results, email cbi@secretbay.dm. To read more about the survey results and comments from Prime Minister Skerrit read here.

As part of its promise to offer built villas to CBI investors, Secret Bay currently has 15 villas under construction, including its newly unveiled Clifftop Multi-Villa Estates that are now accepting reservations. Beyond this exciting growth, this year, The Residences will also be launching Phase 4 sales that will include 10 Mapou Waterfront Villas.

And new amenities opening in 2023 include a Funicular, connecting owners and guests from Welcome Center to Clifftop and Hillside enclaves; Gwiyavye’ Heights, a series of floating decks for taking in the views and relaxing; an organic garden and Chef’s table situated next to the Cario River; a botanica nature walk; Bwa Denn, a food, art, retail & kombucha brewery that will serve as a creative and cultural immersion space featuring contemporary Caribbean and Latin American artists; and, Bwa Denn, a wellness space designed for fitness and fun. 

In 2022, Secret Bay had an impressive year of accolades and media exposure, most significantly, for the second time in three years, being named Travel + Leisure’s #1 Resort Hotel in the Caribbean, Bermuda and the Bahamas.

Secret Bay also made Conde Nast Traveler’s list of best Caribbean resorts. Other features included Secret Bay being named one Caribbean Journal’s best luxury boutique hotels in the Caribbean, The Times UK spotlighting it as one of the coolest hotels in the Caribbean, and Fodor’s showcasing it as a spectacular hotel.

The Wall Street Journal, the most discerning global business publication, featured The Residences’  highest-priced offering, a $10.3 million compound, and citizenship as an amenity. The Residences were also front and center in United Airlines’ in-flight magazine, Hemispheres, and across multiple UK publications including GQ and Vogue, all highlighting it as a desirable vacation home offering. See more press highlights here.

And, for the sixth consecutive year, The Financial Times’ subsidiary Professional Wealth Management named Dominica the “Best Country for Citizenship by Investment in the World,” cementing Secret Bay as the gold standard when it comes to CBI real estate investment opportunities.

The Residences’ CBI offering is priced at US $212k for fractional ownership and from US $1.5 million for whole ownership. To learn more about Citizenship by Investment in The Residences at Secret Bay, visit: https://secretbay.dm/cbi/. For a consultation, please email cbi@secretbay.dm.