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New App Pre-Qualifies IM Clients: If You’re an IM Service Provider, We Want to Work With You

Migration Investments App

With the success of the Turkish citizenship program, CIP Turkey has managed to capitalise on its nearly two decades of experience by offering an unparalleled service to both our clients and B2B partners. 

In addition to providing a full service for the Turkish program, we assist many of our clients who use Turkey as a stepping stone to other RCBI destinations. 

Due to this and the fact that we are always striving to offer the most comprehensive service possible, we have been working on developing a new and cutting-edge solution aimed at benefiting both our clients and trusted B2B partners, while taking into account our limitations in terms of scalability – especially when considering the upward trajectory of the RCBI industry as a whole.

We knew how to find the clients, but we didn’t have the capacity to provide investment migration advisory services for every program under the sun.

The solution to our dilemma was found by also drawing upon our experience within the tech sector, which represents one of our business divisions.

We are now proud to announce after some hard work and plenty of trial and error, the launch of our new, UK patent pending, “MI App”.

We’ll find the clients, you’ll provide local service

The MI App has been developed in the UK by our subsidiary company  – migration.investments – and enables users to enter their personal details and specific requirements for an RCBI program. 

Once the user answers a series of detailed questions on the app, it will then run them across its database of the best RCBI programs available, and recommend the program or programs best suited to the user’s specific requirements.

The creation of the revolutionary MI App allows us to provide the initial consultancy advice in an efficient and unbiased manner to our clients. 

As good as our app is, it is only as effective as our network of trusted partners around the globe. Our business model has always been based on developing partnerships with other reputable service providers, who can then professionally handle and process our clients after the initial consultancy stage that we will be providing.

Therefore, we are reaching out to the IMI community to see which RCBI providers would be interested in collaborating with us on this revolutionary, not to mention time-saving process.

We have decided to provide only the programs listed on IMI, as we would like to keep things with the community here.

As one of our trusted partners, we will be able to provide you with fully vetted, ready and able clients, so if you are interested in working with us, then please feel free to get in touch.

Learn more about the migration.investments app and how you can become our trusted B2B partner by contacting taymour@cipturkey.net